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19 Phrasal Verbs with KICK: Kick off, Kick out, Kick in, Kick up…


Phrasal verbs with KICK! Learn kick around meaning, kick back meaning, kick down meaning, kick in meaning, kick off meaning, kick out meaning, kick up meaning with example sentences and ESL printable worksheets.

Phrasal Verbs with KICK

List of commonly used phrasal verbs with the word KICK in English.

Kick off Meaning & Examples

Kick off

  • Meaning: Make the first kick in a game or part of a game
  • ExampleThe players kick off for the third quarter and the clock starts.

Kick off

  • Meaning: Start; to launch
  • ExampleLet’s kick off this project with a planning meeting.

Kick off

  • Meaning: Dismiss; to expel; to remove from a position
  • ExampleI got kicked off the team after a string of poor performances.

Kick off

  • Meaning: Die or quit permanently
  • ExampleIt’s a wonder that old dog hasn’t kicked off yet.

Kick off

  • Meaning: Shut down or turn off suddenly
  • ExampleThe washer was working fine until it kicked off in the middle of a cycle.

Kick off

  • Meaning: Suddenly become more active
  • ExampleThe party kicked off when the third bottle of wine was opened.

Kick off

  • Meaning: Be overcome with anger, to start an argument or a fight
  • ExampleWhen she called him a drunk, it was the last straw. He just kicked off.

Kick off

  • Meaning: Have a fight or argument start
  • ExampleIt really kicked off in town when the team lost.

Kick out Meaning & Examples

Kick out

  • Meaning: Eject, throw out, or forcefully remove
  • Example: I got kicked out for eating inside.

Kick out

  • Meaning: Stop, stall, or disconnect suddenly
  • ExampleI was driving and the motor just kicked out.

Kick up Meaning & Examples

Kick up

  • Meaning: Raise, to increase (a price)
  • ExampleThe rent has been kicked up again.

Kick up

  • Meaning: Show anger (about something)
  • ExampleHe kicked up about it when they told him the train had been cancelled.

Kick up

  • Meaning: Function improperly, to show signs of disorder, (of an illness) to flare up
  • ExampleThe car is kicking up.

Kick around, Kick back Meaning & Examples

Kick around

  • Meaning: Abuse or mistreat; to bully
  • ExampleDon’t be afraid to kick it around a little. It is sturdy.

Kick around

  • Meaning: Wander loose; to float around; to hang around
  • ExampleIs this your pen I found kicking around in my drawer?

Kick back

  • Meaning: Relax
  • Example: I’m going to stay at home on Saturday and just kick back.

Kick down, Kick in Meaning & Examples

Kick down

  • Meaning: Break or demolish something by physical bodily force
  • ExampleSome young thugs tried to kick her door down last night. She was terrified.

Kick in

  • Meaning: Start, connect, or take effect, especially in a sudden way
  • ExampleYou have to push the switch hard to get the heater to kick in.

Kick in

  • Meaning: Contribute, especially to a collection of money
  • ExampleFor the year-end party, we’re asking each employee to kick in twenty dollars.

Phrasal Verbs with KICK | Images

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19 Phrasal Verbs with KICK: Kick back, Kick down, Kick off, Kick up…

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