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Phrasal Verbs with JUMP: Jump down, Jump off, Jump out, Jump up…


Phrasal verbs with JUMP! Learn jump around meaning, jump at meaning, jump down meaning, jump in meaning, jump off meaning, jump on meaning, jump out meaning, jump up meaning with examples and ESL printable pictures.

Phrasal Verbs with JUMP

List of useful phrasal verbs with Jump with meaning and examples.

Jump around, Jump at, Jump down Meaning & Examples

Jump around

  • Meaning: Move erratically by jumping
  • ExampleHe was jumping around with excitement.

Jump at

  • Meaning: Accept something enthusiastically
  • ExampleI jumped at the position as soon as it was offered.

Jump down

  • Meaning: Leave an elevated position to a lower position by one jump
  • Example: I jumped down the small flight of stairs.

Jump in, Jump off, Jump on Meaning & Examples

Jump in

  • Meaning: Enter something quickly. Usually a mode of transport
  • ExampleI jumped in the car, and we sped off to the meeting.

Jump off

  • Meaning: Move from an elevated place by one jump
  • ExampleThe cat jumped off the table.

Jump on

  • Meaning: Board a vehicle
  • ExampleJump on a no.9 bus, and it will take you more or less to the door.

Jump on

  • Meaning: Attack verbally, to criticise excessively
  • Example: I hate the way she’s always jumping on me for the slightest little mistake.

Jump out, Jump up Meaning & Examples

Jump out

  • Meaning: Be obviously different or special; to capture an observer’s attention at once
  • ExampleAll are class acts, but Mary’s picture jumps out as the best overall.

Jump up

  • Meaning: Move from one position to a higher position by one jump
  • Examplejumped up onto the top of the wall.

Phrasal Verbs with JUMP | Picture

phrasal verbs with JUMP

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