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Phrasal Verbs with FALL: Fall out, Fall on, Fall down, Fall into…


Phrasal verbs with FALL! Fall about meaning, fall apart meaning, fall away meaning, fall behind meaning, fall down meaning, fall for meaning, fall off meaning, fall out meaning, fall on meaning…with example sentences and ESL pictures in English.

Phrasal Verbs with FALL

List of 28 useful phrasal verbs with FALL with meaning and examples in English.

Fall about, Fall apart Meaning & Examples

Fall about

  • Meaning: Laugh so much that one’s entire body moves somewhat uncontrollably
  • ExampleEvery time he performed the trick people would fall about laughing.

Fall apart

  • Meaning: Disintegrate
  • ExampleMy old briefcase is falling apart. I’ll have to buy a new one.

Fall apart

  • Meaning: Be emotionally in crisis
  • ExampleAs a result of being addicted to heroin, she was falling apart.

Fall away, Fall behind Meaning & Examples

Fall away

  • Meaning: Cease to support a person or cause
  • ExampleAfter the divorce, all his friends fell away one by one.

Fall behind

  • Meaning: Be late (for a regular event)
  • ExampleYou’re falling behind with the rent.

Fall behind

  • Meaning: Be progressively below average in performance
  • ExampleIt’s not like John to fall behind in maths.

Fall down, Fall for Meaning & Examples

Fall down

  • Meaning: Fall to the ground, to collapse
  • ExampleThe beams supporting the roof had rotted, causing the entire house to fall down.

Fall down

  • Meaning: Fail
  • ExampleThat is where your reasoning falls down.

Fall for

  • Meaning: Be fooled; to walk into a trap or respond to a scam or trick
  • ExampleI can’t believe how many people still fall for the coin glued to the sidewalk.

Fall for

  • Meaning: Fall in love with someone
  • ExampleHe really fell for the attractive waitress at his favorite restaurant.

Fall in, Fall in with Meaning & Examples

Fall in

  • Meaning: Collapse inwards
  • ExampleThe heavy rain caused the roof to fall in.

Fall in

  • Meaning: Come to an end; to terminate; to lapse
  • ExampleOn the death of Mr. B., the annuity, which he had so long received, fell in.

Fall in with

  • Meaning: Join (a group of people)
  • ExampleHe has fallen in with a bad lot.

Fall in with

  • Meaning: Accept
  • Example: It seemed like a good idea, so we fell in with it.

Fall into Meaning & Examples

Fall into

  • Meaning: Go into something by falling
  • ExampleThe cat might fall into the pool if you’re not careful.

Fall into

  • Meaning: Enter something without having planned it
  • ExampleMost of us didn’t plan to be designers; we just fell into the job.

Fall into

  • Meaning: Be classified as; to fall under
  • ExampleThat falls into three categories.

Fall off Meaning & Examples

Fall off

  • Meaning: Become detached or to drop from
  • ExampleA button fell off my coat.

Fall off

  • Meaning: Diminish in size, value etc.
  • ExampleBusiness always falls off in the winter.

Fall on Meaning & Examples

Fall on

  • Meaning: Experience; to suffer; to fall upon
  • ExampleWith the rise of the Internet, some media fell on hard times.

Fall on

  • Meaning: Be assigned to; to acquire a new responsibility, duty or burden
  • ExampleThis decision is important, and it falls on you to make it.

Fall on

  • Meaning: Occur on a particular day
  • ExampleThe first day of spring this year will fall on a Tuesday.

Fall out Meaning & Examples

Fall out

  • Meaning: Come out of something by falling
  • ExampleI opened the cupboard and a can fell out onto my foot.

Fall out

  • Meaning: Cease to be on friendly terms
  • ExampleDave and I fell out after a long argument.

Fall out

  • Meaning: Leave one’s current location to report for duty at a new location
  • ExampleThe company fell out for an artillery drill.

Fall through, Fall under, Fall upon Meaning & Examples

Fall through

  • Meaning: Be unsuccessful, abort, come to nothing/naught; to be cancelled; not to proceed
  • ExampleTheir plans to go hiking Saturday fell through because it rained.

Fall under

  • Meaning: Belong to for purposes of categorization
  • ExampleThe botany handbooks in the library fall under Plant Biology.

Fall upon

  • Meaning: Fall on; to experience; to suffer
  • ExampleWith the rise of the Internet, some media fell upon hard times.

Phrasal Verbs with FALL | Pictures

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