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Phrasal Verbs with CHECK: Check out, Check by, Check up, Check in


Phrasal verbs with CHECK in English! Learn check out meaning, check by meaning, check up meaning, check in meaning, check on meaning with examples and ESL pictures.

Phrasal Verbs with Check

Useful list of Check phrasal verbs with meaning and example sentences.

Check out Meaning and Examples

Check out

  • Meaning: Confirm and pay for goods and services at a facility when leaving
  • ExampleI’m done shopping, so I’ll go check out now.

Check out

  • Meaning: Withdraw (an item), as from a library, and have the withdrawal recorded
  • ExampleHe checked his favorite mystery out for the twenty-third time.

Check out

  • Meaning: Record (someone) as leaving the premises or as taking something therefrom, as from a library or shop
  • ExampleThe library assistant was checking people out.

Check out

  • Meaning: Examine, inspect, look at closely, ogle; to investigate
  • ExampleHe checked out the rumor, and managed to verify that it was true.

Check out

  • Meaning: Prove (after an investigation) to be the case / in order
  • ExampleThe first two leads check out; I’ll assume the third one is also valid.

Check by, Check up, Check up on Meaning and Examples

Check by

  • Meaning: Visit a place to check something
  • ExampleWe checked by the office to see if the stuff was ready.

Check up

  • Meaning: Verify through brief investigation or examination
  • Example: I dropped by to check up on my friend.

Check up on

  • Meaning: Examine or inspect something in order to determine its condition
  • ExampleI will check up on the car tomorrow.

Check in, Check on Meaning and Examples

Check in

  • Meaning: Register on arriving at a hotel or at the airport
  • ExampleThey checked in at the Ritz yesterday.

Check on

  • Meaning: look at someone or something so that you are certain they are safe, satisfactory etc.
  • Examplesent Tom to check on the kids.

Phrasal Verbs with CHECK | Image

Useful phrasal verbs with Check with meaning and examples | Image

Phrasal Verbs with CHECK

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