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Phrasal Verbs with BEAT: Beat down, Beat out, Beat up


Phrasal Verbs with BEAT! Learn beat down meaning, beat out meaning, beat up meaning, beat off meaning…in English with example sentences and ESL picture.

Phrasal Verbs with BEAT

List of beat phrasal verbs with meaning and examples.

Beat down Meaning and Examples

Beat down

  • Meaning: Strike with great force
  • Example: It was a ghastly morning, with the rain beating down in sheets.

Beat down

  • Meaning: Haggle with someone to sell at a lower price
  • Example: I managed to beat him down to half his original asking price.

Beat off, Beat out Meaning and Examples

Beat off

  • Meaning: Waste time
  • Example: beat off at work all day; I didn’t get anything done.

Beat out

  • Meaning: Sound a rhythm on a percussion instrument such as a drum
  • Example: The drummer beat out a steady slow march.

Beat out

  • Meaning: Extinguish
  • Example: He managed to beat the flames out with a blanket.

Beat out

  • Meaning: Defeat by a narrow margin
  • Example: She beat out three other contenders to claim the prize.

Beat up Meaning and Examples

Beat up

  • Meaning: Give a severe beating to, to assault violently hitting the victim repeatedly
  • Example: I got beaten up by thugs on my way home.

Beat up

  • Meaning: Feel badly guilty and accuse oneself over something
  • Example: Don’t beat yourself up over such a minor mistake.

Useful Phrasal Verbs with BEAT | Picture

Phrasal Verbs with BEAT

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