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20 Useful Expressions with GET in English


Expressions with GET! Learn common Expressions with GET in English with meaning, ESL picture and examples to improve your English.

Useful Expressions with GET

Get + Adjective/ Comparative

Get angry

Mr. Davis never gets angry at work.

Get dark

She will leave the school before the day gets dark.

Get rich

They want to get rich as quickly as possible.

Get better

They cannot go to Rome until their son gets better of his flue.

Get + Preposition (Phrasal Verb)

Get to

She gets to work by bus.

Get in

My mother gets in the office at 8 a.m.

Get through

He gets through his work at 10.

Get on

They get on well with their boss.

Get + A Place | Expressions with GET

Get home

What time did you get home last night?

Get to the office

When he got to the office he found a mountain of mail waiting for him.

Get there

We’ll never get there if he doesn’t speed up.

Get + Direct Object/Noun

Get an e-mail

got an email from Danielle last week.

Get a present

got a present for my baby granddaughter in a hurry.

Get an award

He got an award for bravery.

Get a job

They had to get a job to supplement the family income.

Get + Past Participle | Expressions with GET

Get worried

They get worried too much about their duties.

Get involved

He got involved in a silly problem.

Get confused

Miss Taylor gets confused with just a few files.

Get married

We’re getting married next year.

Get divorced

Linda got divorced ten years ago, and she hasn’t seen her ex-husband since!

Useful Expressions with GET | Image

20 Useful Expressions with GET in English

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