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Environment Vocabulary: 10 Useful Environment Phrasal Verbs


Environment Vocabulary! List of environment phrasal verbs with their meaning and examples in English. Learn these phrasal verbs related to the environment to improve your English.

Environment Vocabulary

List of Environment Phrasal Verbs

  • Wipe out
  • Break down
  • Scale back
  • Used up
  • Throw away
  • Run out of
  • Die out
  • Spread out
  • Rely on
  • Cut down

Environment Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Examples

Wipe out

  • Meaning: Destroy something completely
  • ExampleWhole villages were wiped out by the floods.

Break down

  • Meaning: Decompose, when something slowly reduces to its smallest parts
  • ExampleA plastic pot may take more than a million years to be broken down.

Scale back

  • Meaning: Make something smaller in size, amount, etc. than it used to be
  • ExampleThe British Army intends to scale back on its use of petrol-driven vehicles and soon we may seeing British soldiers going to war on bicycles.

Used up

  • Meaning: Exhaust of strength or useful properties
  • ExampleWe’ve already used up earth’s resources for 2016.

Throw away

  • Meaning: Get rid of something that you no longer want or need
  • Example: Don’t throw away your grass clippings; leave them on your lawn.

Run out of

  • Meaning: Finish the supply of something
  • ExampleWhat will we do when we run out of gas?

Die out

  • Meaning: Stop existing
  • ExampleThis species has nearly died out because its habitat is being destroyed.

Spread out

  • Meaning: Cover a large area
  • ExampleBecause our population is so densely concentrated, a new disease like bird flu can spread out very quickly after the first case has appeared.

Rely on

  • Meaning: Need or depend on somebody/something
  • ExampleWe won’t have to rely on power companies if we use solar and wind power instead.

Cut down

  • Meaning: Kill trees
  • ExampleThe Rainforest is being cut down.

Useful Environment Phrasal Verbs | Picture

Environment Phrasal Verbs

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