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Expressions with KEEP: 12 Useful Collocations with KEEP


Collocations with Keep! Learn commonly used collocations and expressions with Keep in English with example sentences and ESL picture to improve your English.

Useful list of verb noun collocations in English.

Collocations with KEEP

List of Expressions with Keep

  • Keep a diary
  • Keep a promise
  • Keep a secret
  • Keep calm
  • Keep control
  • Keep in touch
  • Keep quiet
  • Keep records
  • Keep score
  • Keep someone’s place
  • Keep the change
  • Keep your balance

Examples of Collocations with Keep

Keep a diary

  • I decided to keep a diary of our trip to Toronto.

Keep a promise

  • It is easier to make a promise than to keep a promise.

Keep a secret

  • Can I trust you to keep a secret?

Keep calm

  • Please, whatever happens, try to keep calm.

Keep control

  • My mother likes to keep control of everything.

Keep in touch

  • keep in touch with a lot of my friends around the world.

Keep quiet

  • Please, keep quite when I’m on the phone.

Keep records

  • It’s usual to keep records of all expenses.

Keep score

  • We have to keep scoring the points in the fourth quarter.

Keep someone’s place

  • Would you mind keeping my place for a minute?

Keep the change

  • I told the taxi driver to keep the change.

Keep your balance

  • You must learn to keep your balance in skating.

Expressions with Keep | Picture

Collocations with KEEP

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