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Expressions with HAVE: 120+ Useful Collocations with HAVE


Collocations with Have! Learn commonly used collocations and expressions with Have in English with example sentences and ESL picture to improve your English.

Useful list of verb noun collocations in English.

Collocations with HAVE

List of Expressions with Have

  • Have a bab
  • Have a backache
  • Have a bad fall
  • Have a bad temper
  • Have a bath
  • Have a birthday
  • Have a bite
  • Have a break
  • Have a business trip
  • Have a busy day
  • Have a career/a goal
  • Have a chance
  • Have a chat
  • Have a cold
  • Have a competition
  • Have a confrontation
  • Have a conversation/chat
  • Have a cup of tea/ coffee
  • Have a dance
  • Have a day off
  • Have a discussion
  • Have a dispute
  • Have a doubt
  • Have a dream
  • Have a drill
  • Have a drink
  • Have a feeling
  • Have a fight
  • Have a fit
  • Have a game
  • Have a glass of wine
  • Have a go
  • Have a goal
  • Have a good time
  • Have a good/nice/etc day!
  • Have a great weekend
  • Have a haircut
  • Have a hard time
  • Have a headache
  • Have a holiday
  • Have a jacuzzi
  • Have a jog
  • Have a laugh
  • Have a lecture
  • Have a lesson
  • Have a lie down
  • Have a limp
  • Have a lisp
  • Have a listen
  • Have a look
  • Have a massage
  • Have a meal
  • Have a meeting
  • Have a moment
  • Have a nap
  • Have a night mare
  • Have a party/concert
  • Have a passion for
  • Have a plan
  • Have a problem
  • Have a quarrel
  • Have a relationship
  • Have a rest
  • Have a ride
  • Have a right
  • Have a run
  • Have a safe journey
    Have a salad
  • Have a sandwich
  • Have a scrub
  • Have a shave
  • Have a shower
  • Have a smell
  • Have a snack
  • Have a snooze
  • Have a stretch
  • Have a stroke
  • Have a swim
  • Have a talk
  • Have a taste
    Have a temperature
  • Have a think
  • Have a touch
  • Have a try
  • Have a walk
  • Have a wash
  • Have a wish
  • Have a word
  • Have a workout
  • Have access (to)
  • Have an accident
  • Have an appointment with
  • Have an argument
  • Have an effect (on)
  • Have an energy bar
  • Have an event
  • Have an exam
  • Have an excuse
  • Have an experience
  • Have an ice-cream
  • Have an idea
  • Have an interview
  • Have an opportunity
  • Have breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • Have difficulty
  • Have faith
  • Have food
  • Have fun/a good time
  • Have no education
  • Have no fear
  • Have patience
  • Have a rest
  • Have room
  • Have self-esteem
  • Have sex
  • Have skills
  • Have some sugar/ milk
  • Have something to eat
  • Have soul
  • Have success
  • Have sympathy
  • Have the chance (to)
  • Have time
  • Have trouble
  • Have work

Examples of Collocations with Have

List of common collocations with Have with example sentences.

Have a baby

  • She’s going to have a baby.

Have a backache

  • My father has a backache so he couldn’t sleep well.

Have a bad fall

  • My friend had a bad fall.

Have a bad temper

  • I know I have a bad temper sometimes.

Have a bath

  • I can’t remember the last time I had a bath.

Have a birthday

  • Well, you can’t have a birthday without a cake.

Have a bite

  • Can I have a bite of your hot dog?

Have a break

  • Let’s have a break when you finish this exercise

Have a business trip

  • My dad has a business trip so we could not visit our grandmother together.

Have a busy day

  • have a busy day.

Have a career/a goal

  • I wanted to have a career as a singer.

Have a chance

  • We have a chance to make things better.

Have a chat

  • I’ll have a chat to John about it.

Have a cold

  • She has a cold so she is very tired.

Have a competition

  • Next week, we will have a competition at school.

Have a confrontation

  • Our company has a confrontation between employers and unions.

Have a conversation/chat

  • Can we have a conversation before we make any decision?

Have a cup of tea/ coffee

  • Would you like to have a cup of tea/coffee?

Have a dance

  • Let’s have a dance together.

Have a day off

  • have a day off to take care of my grandmother.

Have a discussion

  • We should have a discussion about this topic to understand deeply.

Have a dispute

  • have a dispute with anyone who would challenge us.

Have a doubt

  • Teacher, I have a doubt about this.

Have a dream

  • had a dream that I won the lottery.

Have a drill

  • We have a drill. We’re going to drill.

Have a drink

  • Would you like to have a drink after work?

Have a feeling

  • have a feeling that something is wrong.

Have a fight

  • My best friend and I had a fight.

Have a fit

  • If your mother finds out about this, she’ll have a fit.

Have a game

  • He said we could have a game.

Have a glass of wine

  • have a glass of wine with a meal.

Have a go

  • Can I have a go on your guitar?

Have a goal

  • You now have a goal to aim for.

Have a good time

  • had a good time with my family.

Have a good/nice/etc day!

  • Wish you have a good day with your boy friend.

Have a great weekend

  • Did you have a great weekend?

Have a haircut

  • She has a haircut.

Have a hard time

  • Companies are having a hard time finding and retaining their people.

Have a headache

  • If you have a headache, you should take some aspirin.

Have a holiday

  • I want to have a holiday with my family.

Have a jacuzzi

  • Spa rooms also have a Jacuzzi bath.

Have a jog

  • You should have a jog in the evening.

Have a laugh

  • We just muck around in training and have a laugh.

Have a lecture

  • I will have a lecture tomorrow.

Have a lesson

  • have a lesson in 15 minutes.

Have a lie down

  • I’ll go home and have a lie down instead.

Have a limp

  • As you know, I have a limp from my service in Gaul.

Have a lisp

  • If they have a lisp, don’t mention it or laugh at it secretly or openly.

Have a listen

  • Finally, Adam tells me to have a listen.

Have a look

  • Can I have a look at your wedding photos?

Have a massage

  • Does this hotel have a massage room?

Have a meal

  • Seldom, if ever, do I have a meal alone.

Have a meeting

  • We have a meeting at 9:00. Don’t be late!

Have a moment

  • I’m just letting her have a moment.

Have a nap

  • I was exhausted so I had a nap on the sofa.

Have a night mare

  • had a scary nightmare last night.

Have a party/concert

  • It’s your birthday nextweek, let’s have a party!

Have a passion for

  • have a passion for math.

Have a plan

  • Don’t worry, I have a plan to fix this.

Have a problem

  • Our school is having financial problem.

Have a quarrel

  • Mrs. Ridgewell asked if they’d had a quarrel.

Have a relationship

  • have a relationship with that brand.

Have a rest

  • You look awful. Lie down and have a rest.

Have a ride

  • Can I have a ride with you?

Have a right

  • People have a right to be heard and express their views.

Have a run

  • You have a run in your stocking.

Have a safe journey

  • Charts are absolutely essential to having a safe journey.

Have a salad

  • Maybe for dessert we could have a salad of local fresh fruits.

Have a sandwich

  • He did not have a sandwich.

Have a scrub

  • If you don’t have a scrub, you can make your own.

Have a shave

  • I’ll just have a shave before we go.

Have a shower

  • I usually have two showers a day.

Have a smell

  • They have a smell unlike any smell on earth.

Have a snack

  • We have a snack with them before the class.

Have a snooze

  • I’m going to have a snooze after lunch.

Have a stretch

  • If your machine does not have a stretch stitch, use a zigzag stitch.

Have a stroke

  • I was too young to have a stroke.

Have a swim

  • This afternoon I have a swim meet.

Have a talk

  • We can have a talk about it some other time.

Have a taste

  • I’m inviting you to have a taste of it.

Have a temperature

  • There was no improvement; she continued to have a temperature.

Have a think

  • He doesn’t eat meat, he’s avoiding cheese, he’ll have a think about wine.

Have a touch

  • We’ve allowed someone to have a touch, turn and shoot at our goal.

Have a try

  • I’ll explain what to do and then you can have a try.

Have a walk

  • We would often have a walk of an evening.

Have a wash

  • I need to have a wash before dinner.

Have a wish

  • Human beings have a wish for closure, to get on with their lives.

Have a word

  • My boss had a word with me about my actions.

Have a word

  • Can I have a word with you?

Have a workout

  • Normally I have a workout on the beach when I stay here.

Have access (to)

  • Who had access to my computer while I was away?

Have an accident

  • Josh had a car accident last night.

Have an appointment with

  • have an appointment with the doctor today.

Have an argument

  • had an argument with my father.

Have an effect (on)

  • Did increasing the price have much effect on sales?

Have an energy bar

  • When that’s not an option, have an energy bar for a snack.

Have an event

  • Why not have an event here?

Have an exam

  • have an exam tomorrow, wish me luck.

Have an excuse

  • She has an excuse for everything.

Have an experience

  • had a frightening experience the other day.

Have an ice-cream

  • Can I have an ice-cream, please?

Have an idea

  • I’ve just had a really good idea!

Have an interview

  • He has an interview tomorrow, and he’s a little nervous.

Have an opportunity

  • You’ve already had lots of opportunities.

Have breakfast/lunch/dinner

  • I’m having lunch with Linda today.

Have difficulty

  • She had difficulty in starting her car.

Have faith

  • Personally, I do have faith.

Have food

  • We have food banks in this country.

Have fun/a good time

  • Did you have fun at the party.

Have no education

  • There are many children who have no education, food, or family.

Have no fear

  • In any case, I have no fear of death”.

Have patience

  • You’ve got to have patience.

Have a rest

  • You should go to your room and have a rest.

Have room

  • We don’t have room for a pool table in our apartment.

Have self-esteem

  • have self-esteem now that I’ve never had before.

Have sex

  • I had heard that the girls are forced to have sex.

Have skills

  • The company needs more people who have skills.

Have some sugar/ milk

  • Could I have some milk please?

Have something to eat

  • You should have something to eat.

Have soul

  • They don’t really have soul.

Have success

  • You have to have success and failure.

Have sympathy

  • I really have sympathy for them.

Have the chance (to)

  • You will have the chance to ask questions at the end.

Have time

  • Hopefully we should have time to prepare.

Have trouble

  • I know you have trouble with eye contact.

Have work

  • I can’t stand here talking – I have work to do.

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Collocations with HAVE

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