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How To Read Faster: Easy Tips to Improve Your English Reading Skill


How to read faster – Everyone who can read often finds themselves wanting to be able to read faster, and for good reason. The quicker you can read, the quicker you can get on with enjoying the books you love or working through work that might require a great deal of reading.

Reading is one of those things that gets taken for granted, once you get past school reading age, you often aren’t taught anything beyond that point that might help you to improve your reading speed and efficiency. The average adult can read around 200 words per minute, which might sound like a lot, but that speed is considered relatively slow in more efficient reading circles.

How To Read Faster

There are a couple of ways you can start practicing to read faster that will help you develop your overall skill as a reader. We’ll list our best tips here:

Stop Talking To Yourself

A common pitfall most readers fall into is reading the words in their own head to try and help them with the comprehension as they go. It’s a good idea to get out of this habit if you’re serious about reading faster. You don’t need to read each word individually to understand the text in front of you.

Group Words Together

This is a much harder feat to achieve than the one above. It follows the same general rule, in that you don’t need to read each word on a page to make sense of it, but it takes a little more skill to start chunking them together and still understand them. The aim is to be able to comprehend about three or four words at a time, making it much easier for you to skim through the page at a record pace.

Stop Re-Reading Words

A classic habit most people fall into when they’re reading is going back to re-read words they think they might have missed or simply didn’t grasp on the first go around. Some people do this without even intending to or realizing it. It’s actually the most common cause for slower reading speeds, and you need to actively think about getting out of this habit before you want to progress.

Use Your Peripheral Vision

A great way to increase your reading speed that works hand-in-hand with point 3, is to use your peripheral vision to start comprehending words you haven’t even got to yet. It’s the trickiest step to achieve here and requires a great deal of practice and patience, but everyone is capable of doing this to an advanced level if they give themselves the chance.


These are only a handful of ways to help increase your reading speed but if you follow them thoroughly, you should begin to notice some truly rapid results! They compliment each other quite well, in the sense that you can’t really do one without the other, so make sure you try them all and work through them as a checklist if you want to improve on your reading. We wish you the best of luck!

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How To Read Faster: Ways to Increase Reading Speed

How To Read Faster

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