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American vs. British Housing Terms You Should Know


Learn American vs. British housing terms with pictures. There is a considerable difference between British and American houses. It is partly contributed by the different paths that these two nations took after the Second World War. Aside from structures and features, these two cultures also differ when it comes to housing terminologies. From power outlets to air conditioning, the list below will surprise you. Familiarizing these different terms would be quite helpful, especially if you are from the UK and plan to travel to the US or vice versa. Here are a few common words which might leave you perplexed and confused.

American vs. British Housing Terms

Bath —–<>—– Bath Tub

Bin/ Dust Bin —–<>—– Trash Can

Block of Flats —–<>—– Apartment Building, Apartment House

Bungalow —–<>—– One Story House

Bureau De Change —–<>—– Currency Exchange

Chemist’s Shop —–<>—– Drugstore

The Cinema —–<>—– The Movies

Cooker —–<>—– Stove, Range

Corner Shop —–<>—– Grocery Store

Creche —–<>—– Daycare

Curtains —–<>—– Curtains, Drapes

Drawing Room —–<>—– Living Room

First Floor —–<>—– Second Floor

Fishmonger’s —–<>—– Fish Store

Fruiterer’s —–<>—– Fruit Store

Garden —–<>—– Back Yard

Ground Floor —–<>—– Ground Floor, First Floor, Lobby

Flat —–<>—– Apartment

Floor —–<>—– Storey

Ironmonger —–<>—– Hardware Store

Lift —–<>—– Elevator

Lounge —–<>—– Living Room

Pushchair —–<>—– Stroller

Radio, Wireless —–<>—– Radio

Ranch —–<>—– House

Reception —–<>—– Front Desk, Lobby 

Semi-Detached —–<>—– House Duplex

Shopping Center —–<>—– Shopping Mall

Sink, Washbasin —–<>—– Sink

Sweet Shop —–<>—– Candy Store

Terrace —–<>—– Town House

Tap —–<>—– Faucet

Toilet, Loo, WC —–<>—– Washroom, Bathroom, Restroom

Torch —–<>—– Flashlight

Town Centre —–<>—– Downtown

Trolley —–<>—– Cart

Telly —–<>—– TV (Television)

Tea Towel/ Tea Cloth —–<>—– Dish Towel

Wardrobe—–<>—– Closet

American vs. British Housing Terms | Infographic

American vs. British Housing Terms You Should Know

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