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Academic 2: bean, below, bookcase, boring, brown


1. bean

– Part Of Speech: noun

– Meaning: An edible seed, typically kidney-shaped, growing in long pods on certain leguminous plants.

– Example:

  • a tin of beans
  • beans on toast
  • Occupation and instruction, without dullness, can be provided by giving the students a plot of ground for growing things in – not a bed for the bean seed only, but a miniature market garden.
  • About half the nation’s $629 million dry edible bean crop is grown in those two states and Michigan.
  • Despite my best efforts I have failed to consume 20 kg of pasta, 30 jars of peanut butter and 50 tins of beans in the last month.
  • There are also shell beans (lima, navy, kidney, mung, garbanzo and soya) that you can grow just for the bean seeds inside the pod.
  • These inhibitors are small proteins found in many plant seeds such as beans, a food regularly eaten by humans.
  • It differs in several ways from small, red, dry beans now grown, beginning with improved resistance to bean common mosaic viruses.

2. below

– Part Of Speech: preposition

– Meaning:  At a lower level or layer than.

– Example:

  • At a lower level or layer than.
  • Just below the pocket was a stain
  • The blistered skin below his collar
  • Wendy recalls the excitement of going with her mother and aunt to a tearoom below street level and having an ice cream sundae and a fizzy drink.
  • One of the exhibits consisted simply of a couple of Post-It notes stuck to each other, hanging from the ceiling by a thread, a little bit below eye level.
  • Robb also had three stars and a pennant defining his rank painted below the windscreen.
  • The Taklamakan desert oasis of Turpan, at 154 metres below sea level, is the second lowest point in the world.
  • As we were driving through Calcutta, my friend pointed to a little shrine to a god embedded in a wall just below waist level.
  • Malingerer’s arm was low, but it never fell below shoulder level.
  • In the long run, the New Orleans area has a particular challenge, because much of the city lies below sea level.

3. bookcase

– Part Of Speech: noun

– Meaning: An open cabinet containing shelves on which to keep books.

– Example:

  • He had preserved them carefully in an old house, housing the books in 180 bookcases that went from floor to ceiling.
  • There are two leather black couches, lots of bookcases full with files, maps, books.
  • The rear wall was lined with huge bookcases and the mammoth desk and chair before it were cleared completely.
  • The walls were covered with ceiling high wooden bookcases filled with books.
  • Along the walls are bookcases filled with books he never knew existed.
  • This area would make an ideal reading or relaxation spot, as there is room to fit a set of bookcases and a sofa.
  • At the bookcase he opened the drawer and found it was filled with junk.
  • There were bookcases and shelves stretching across the other wall, and a massive stained old map of the old world.
  • These bulky albums are now spread across bookcases, cupboards, trunks, and attics.

4. boring

– Part Of Speech: adjective

– Meaning: Not interesting; tedious.

– Example: 

  • I’ve got a boring job in an office
  • Looking for a way out of your boring and tedious job?
  • Most people are dreading it, convinced that the sessions will be tediously boring.
  • Australia is perhaps only weeks away from elections for a new federal government, yet we see the usual lacklustre, boring politics.
  • These jobs tend to be boring, repetitive, or physically hard.
  • Do I really want to spend my days doing tedious, exhausting, boring work?
  • But it was the same monotonous boring routine each day.
  • Tired of boring old beige or grey peripherals for your computer?
  • He becomes obnoxious, repetitive, boring, tedious.

5. brown

– Part Of Speech: adjective

– Meaning: Of a colour produced by mixing red, yellow, and blue, as of dark wood or rich soil.

– Example: 

  • an old brown coat
  • she had warm brown eyes
  • Golden yellow and rich brown hues accompany fresh floral accents and ruggedly attractive iron light fixtures.
  • Ilaria was no longer a blue lush world but a dark yellow and brown wasteland.
  • Now awake and in charge of the day, he longed to be off, striding across the rich brown soil, out into the world, to explore.
  • Everything about it – the taste, the rich dark brown colour, the scent – was wonderful.
  • It consisted of three stuffed potato patties that had been coated in a slightly crunchy and tasty breading, and fried to a dark brown colour.
  • Nobody ever made a more straight drill or ploughed a field with such precision and he was at his happiest as he turned the rich brown soil followed by a flock of hungry gulls.

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