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What Is A Possessive Pronoun? List and Examples of Possessive Pronouns


Possessive Pronoun! What is a possessive pronoun? There are many types of pronoun used in the English language and one of these is known as the possessive pronoun. This type of pronoun is one which is used to refer to the ownership of something, for example ‘my shoe’ or ‘your eyes.’ This is something that is seen very frequently in English and it is important that you are aware of how these pronouns work.

In this section, we are going to be looking at the various possessive pronouns as well as how they are to be used, enabling you to use them confidently and correctly.

What Is A Possessive Pronoun?

In the English language, a possessive pronoun is a pronoun that is used to indicate possession or ownership. 

Possessive pronoun list:

  • mine
  • yours (singular)
  • his
  • hers
  • ours
  • yours (plural)
  • theirs

Possessive pronoun examples:

  • This is my laptop. It’s mine.
  • These books are mine, not yours.
  • This is my brother ‘s book. It’s his.
  • He offered to swap his camera for hers.
  • I’ll show you to your room. Ours is next door.
  • The ship is theirs.

Possessive Pronouns Chart

Learn the Possessive Pronoun definition and useful list of Possessive Pronouns in English with example sentences and ESL picture.

Possessive Pronouns

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