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IELTS Writing Review 04/2019: Task1 & Task 2

 Task 1:  The chart shows the percentage of males and females who were overweight in Australia from 1980 to 2010.

  • Report Plan:
    – Paraphrase paragraph: shows>illustrates; percentage>proportion;
    males and females>men and women; from 1980 to 2010> between the
    years 1980 and 2010.
    – Overview summary/paragraph: (1) the percentage of overweight
    males was higher than the percentage of females (2) the percentages
    generally rose over the period.
    – Paragraph 3: report the figures and describe the trend for males
    – Paragraph 4: contrast the figures for women: report the figures and
    describe the trends
  • Report:
    The bar chart illustrates the proportion of Australian men and women who were
    overweight between the years 1980 and 2010.

Overall, it is clear that the percentage of overweight males was higher than the
percentage of overweight females, while the figures for both genders rose over
the period.

In 1980,40% of men in Australia were overweight and this figure increased to
48% in 1990. Although the proportion then reached a peak in 2000 of 65%, it
then fell slightly to just over 60% in 2010.

In contrast, the proportion of overweight Australian women was lower than the
figures for males who were overweight. However, there was a steep rise in the
percentage of overweight females from just over 30% at the beginning of the
period to 45% in 1990. There was a further significant increase to 53%, just over
half of all women, in 2000. This figure remained the same in 2010.

152 words

Task 2: People have little understanding of the importance of the natural world.
What are the reasons for this, and how can people learn more about the
natural world?

  • Essay Plan:
    – Introduction: refer to the task question. 2 important reasons, and
    ways in which the problem can be tackled
    – Paragraph 2: reason – traditional life has disappered (1) at work –
    people work indoors, no contact with nature (2) culture –
    disappearance of festivals connected with the natural world e.g.
    spring or harvest celebrations. Young people interested in electronic
    media instead
    – Paragraph 3: solutions –(1) get involved in voluntary environmental
    work (2) more study of nature and the environment in school (3) more
    nature documentaries in the media
    – Conclusion: reasons can be identified, but there are ways to deal with
    the problem. 
  • Essay:
    It is true that most people do not realize how important the natural world is.
    While there are some reasons to explain this lack of knowledge, there are ways
    in which people can improve their understanding.
    I believe that the major reason why many people do not appreciate the value of
    the natural world is the disappearance of traditional ways of life. In terms of
    work, hunting, fishing or agriculture are now the occupation of a small minority
    of the workforce in most countries. Advances in technology mean that most
    people now spend a large part of their day in a closed working environment, such
    as an office, shop or factory, without any contact with nature. From a cultural
    perspective, traditional festivals related to the natural seasons in agricultural
    communities have fallen by the wayside. Celebrations of nature, for example at
    times of spring or harvest, which once provided a link to our roots, continue only
    in the hands of an ageing population, while younger generations are addicted to
    the electronic media.

However, people can learn about the natural world in three important ways.
Firstly, there are many opportunities to become involved in local volunteer
work, carrying out environmentally friendly tasks like planting trees. Secondly,
schools should include nature studies and environmental science in the
curriculum. Finally, more nature documentaries on TV and the internet would
stimulate a revival of interest in the world around us. They are an excellent
means of informing the public about life on the planet, and the need to combat
the environmental degradation which threatens it.
In conclusion, although there are important reasons why there is little public
understanding of the natural world, there are ways in which this lack of
knowledge can be overcome.
289 words

  • Vocabulary from traditional versus modern:
    – the disappearance of traditional ways of life
    Meaning: the fact that traditional ways no longer exist
    Example: The advances in technology that have driven industrialisation in
    developed countries have certainly contributed to the disappearance of
    traditional ways of life.
    – to fall by the wayside
    Meaning: if something falls by the wayside, it is no longer used
    Example: An increasing reliance on modern technology has resulted in
    some conventional skills falling by the wayside.
    – to provide a link to our roots
    Meaning: to connect with previous generations
    Example: Traditional skills provide a link to our roots, and they are part
    of our shared heritage.
    – in the hands of an ageing population
    Meaning: dependent on the elderly

Example: Some traditional crafts which are now in the hands of an ageing
population are at risk of disappearing completely in the next five years.
– a revival of interest in
Meaning: the process of something becoming more popular again
Example: There has recently been a revival of interest in traditional music
and songs.

  • Vocabulary from technology:
    – advances in technology
    Meaning: the improvement or development in technology
    Example: Recent advances in medical technology are making a great
    contribution to the search for a cure for Aids.
  • Vocabulary from work:
    – working environment
    Meaning: the conditions that you work in
    Example: If work is to be enjoyable, then a friendly working environment
    is essential.
  • Vocabulary from health:
    – to be addicted to
    Meaning: to be unable to stop taking harmful drugs, tobacco or alcohol.
    Example: More specialist clinics, offering treatment and advice, are
    required to help people who are addicted to drugs.
  • Vocabulary from media and advertising:
    – the electronic media
    Meaning: broadcast media which use electronic technology, such as the
    internet, television, radio, DVDs etc
    Example: In contast to print media, the electronic media are growing in
    popularity, especially among the youth.
  • Vocabulary from the environment:
    – environmentally friendly
    Meaning: behavior or products that do not harm the environment
    Example: We can help to protect the environment by using detergents and
    cosmetics that are environmentally friendly.
    – environmental degradation
    Meaning: the process or fact of the environment becoming worse
    Example: Africa is a continent in which environmental degradation is
    evident in the spread of deserts and the extinction of animal species.
  • Other vocabulary:
    – harvest [noun]:
    Meaning: the time of year when crops are collected on a farm
    Example: Churches in the UK still celebrate the harvest festival, when the
    crops are collected in the autumn.
    – to stimulate [verb]:
    Meaning: to encouage something to develop
    Example: The exhibition of her paintings has stimulated a lot of interest
    in her art.

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