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Groups of People: 200+ Useful Collective Nouns for People


Groups of people! Learn extensive list of collective nouns for people to bolster your vocabulary in English with example sentences and ESL printable worksheets.

In English, Collective nouns for people are names for a number or a collection of people.

Groups of People Examples

Learn collective nouns for people – different groups of people in English (group synonym) with example sentences.

A band of men

A band of men here, known as the Islamists, took matters into their own hands last fall.

A band of musicians

A band of musicians has made this function romantic.

A band of soldiers

A few minutes later, a band of soldiers came up, and an officer, hearing the priests speaking a foreign language, drew his sword and hysterically asked who they were.

A bench of judges

After all, she got the job after leading a bench of judges in 2010 that handedly backed Mr Rajapaksa’s reworking of the constitution.

A bench of magistrates

Within a few years settlers numbers increased greatly and before 1850 a local bench of magistrates and a place for holding petty sessions was established.

A bevy of beauties

Flanked by a bevy of beauties and cheered by thousands of fans, Stern and his retinue of strippers handed out free boom boxes and satellite radio subscriptions.

A bevy of girls

A bevy of girls were picking tea on the hillside.

A bevy of writers

She was one of a bevy of writers singing at the celebration.

A board of directors

The company is run by a board of directors.

A board of trustees

The management of the foundation is vested in a board of trustees.

A body of men

I can command a body of men in a rough way, but I am not fit to be President.

A bunch of crooks

These politicians are just a bunch of crooks.

A caravan of travelers

One night a caravan of travelers from a distant land arrives and passes through the village.

A choir of singers

At the opening of the museum last week, Queen Sofia of Spain was greeted by a choir of singers and folkloric Basque music.

A circle of friends

She had a circle of friends in whom she confided sparingly.

A class of students

He was the first to appoint a faculty and admit a class of students.

A crew of sailors

He usually preferred to train up a crew of sailors from scratch.

A crowd of people

There was a crowd of people in front of the town hall.

A flock of tourists

A flock of tourists come to India every year to see the India heritages.

A gang of criminals

I know the leader of well-known gang of criminals.

A gang of laborers

In the silver mines at Laurium, in ancient Greece, the master miner commanded three gangs of laborers.

A gang of thieves

How did they know that the council was not a gang of thieves, the brigade demanded?

A group of dancers

A group of dancers are dancing in the park.

A pack of thieves

How did they know that the council was not a pack of thieves, the brigade demanded?

A panel of experts

The competition will be judged by a panel of experts.

A regiment of soldiers

Probably they will force a regiment of soldiers to attend, or students and schoolchildren.

A staff of employees

Management has acknowledged that a staff of 800 employees will put limits on the repertory or result in employees and players returning on private contracts.

A team of players

It should be about picking a team of players that offer Hodgson different tactical choices.

A tribe of Indians

At one time this land was inhabited by the Siwanoy tribe of Indians.

A troupe of dancers

A troupe of dancers from Beijing is one of the leading attractions in the festival.

An army of soldiers

Imagine an army of soldiers holding a line that is between you and the entity.

An audience of listeners

Your audience of listeners will need to relate to whatever topic you pick to rap about.

An orchestra of musicians

Mr. Thomas and his players again showed what can happen when an invigorating music director cultivates an orchestra of musicians eager for a challenge.

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Collective Nouns for People - Groups of People ImagePin

List of Collective Nouns for People

Extensive list of different groups of people in English.

  1. A babble of barbers
  2. A band of men
  3. A band of musicians
  4. A band of robbers
  5. A band of soldiers
  6. A banner/A rout of knights
  7. A battalion of soldiers
  8. A bench of aldermen
  9. A bench of bishops
  10. A bench/A sentence of judges
  11. A bench of magistrates
  12. A bevy/A galaxy of beauties
  13. A bevy of girls
  14. A bevy of writers
  15. A billow/A hack of smokers
  16. A blackening of shoemakers
  17. A blast of hunters
  18. A blaze/A conflagration of pyromaniacs
  19. A blur of Impressionists
  20. A blush of boys
  21. A board of directors
  22. A board of trustees
  23. A board/A brood of chess players
  24. A boast of barristers
  25. A body of men
  26. A body of pathologists
  27. A bunch of crooks
  28. A caravan of gypsies
  29. A caravan of travelers
  30. A cast/A company/A cry of actors/players
  31. A stack/A shush of librarians
  32. A cavalcade of horsemen
  33. A chapter/A dignity of canons
  34. A choir of singers
  35. A circle of friends
  36. A class of pupils
  37. A class of students
  38. A clutch/A crunch of wrestlers
  39. A college of cardinals
  40. A colony of lepers
  41. A colony of microbiologists
  42. A company of actors
  43. A company/A syndicate of capitalists
  44. A company of girl guides
  45. A company of soldiers
  46. A company/A syndicate of capitalists
  47. A complex of psychologists
  48. A conflagration of arsonists
  49. A confusion/A ponder of philosophers
  50. A conglomerate/A formation of geologists
  51. A congregation of churchgoers
  52. A conjunction of grammarians
  53. A consternation of mothers
  54. A converting of preachers
  55. A cortege of mourners
  56. A coven of witches
  57. A crew of sailors
  58. A crowd of onlookers
  59. A crowd of people/spectators/audience
  60. A crush of shoppers
  61. A curse/An illusion of painters
  62. A cutting of cobblers
  63. A damning of jurors
  64. A debauchery of hedonists
  65. A decanter/A decorum of deans
  66. A gang/A den of thieves
  67. A density of meatheads
  68. A diligence of messengers
  69. A discord/A panel of experts
  70. A discretion of priests
  71. A disguising of tailors
  72. A disguising/A proud showing of tailors
  73. A disputation/An eloquence/A greed/A huddle/A quarrel of lawyers
  74. A doctrine of doctors
  75. A sneer of butlers
  76. A drift of lecturers
  77. A dynasty of kings
  78. A faculty of academics
  79. A faith of merchants
  80. A feast of brewers
  81. A fellowship of yeomen
  82. A fighting of beggars
  83. A flight of refugees
  84. A flock of tourists
  85. A flood/A flush of plumbers
  86. A freeze of Northerners
  87. A gaggle of censors
  88. A gaggle of women
  89. A gaggle/A riot of comedians
  90. A galaxy of governesses
  91. A gang of criminals
  92. A gang of crooks
  93. A gang of hoodlums
  94. A gang of prisoners
  95. A gang of robbers
  96. A gang of thieves
  97. A gang of workmen
  98. A gang/A pity of prisoners
  99. A giggle of girls
  100. A glitter of generals
  101. A glozing of taverners
  102. A goring of butchers
  103. A graft of tree surgeons
  104. A grope of groupies
  105. A group of dancers
  106. A group of singers
  107. A hastiness of cooks
  108. A helix of geneticists
  109. A herd of harlots
  110. A horde of nomads
  111. A horde of savages
  112. A host of angels
  113. A house of senators
  114. A joint of osteopaths
  115. A lie/An equivocation of politicians
  116. A line of kings/rulers
  117. A melody of harpists
  118. A mess/An execution of officers
  119. A meter of percussionists
  120. A mob of rioters
  121. A morbidity of majors
  122. A mug/A reflection of narcissists
  123. A multiply/An unhappiness of husbands
  124. A mutter of mothers-in-law
  125. A wisdom of grandparents
  126. A number/A set of mathematicians
  127. A pack of Brownies
  128. A pack of thieves
  129. A pan of reviewers
  130. A panel of experts
  131. A party of friends
  132. A patrol of policemen
  133. A peck of Frenchmen
  134. A picket of strikers
  135. A pint of Irishmen
  136. A pity/A gang of prisoners
  137. A plush/A rascal of boys
  138. A pomposity of professors
  139. A posse of police
  140. A posse of sheriffs
  141. A pound of Englishmen
  142. A prance of equestrians
  143. A promise of barmen
  144. A prudence of vicars
  145. A quiz of teachers
  146. A rage of maidens
  147. A rash of dermatologists
  148. A regiment of soldiers
  149. A rookery/A school of clerks
  150. A rout of schoolboys
  151. A sample of salesmen
  152. A school of clerks
  153. A scolding of seamstresses
  154. A scoop/A slant of journalists
  155. A sentence of judges
  156. A series of radiologists
  157. A set/A subtlety of designers
  158. A set/A swish of hairdressers
  159. A shower of bastards
  160. A shower of meteorologists
  161. A shrivel of critics
  162. A shuffle of bureaucrats
  163. A side of dancers
  164. A simplicity of subalterns
  165. A poverty of pipers
  166. A slate of candidates
  167. A slither of gossip columnists
  168. A slouch of models
  169. A sneer of butlers
  170. A sprig of vegetarians
  171. A squad of beaters
  172. A squad of soldiers
  173. A squat of daubers
  174. A squeal of nieces
  175. A staff of employees
  176. A staff of servants
  177. A staff of teachers
  178. A stalk of foresters
  179. A subtlety of sergeants at law
  180. A superfluity of nuns
  181. A tabernacle of bakers
  182. A talent of gamblers
  183. A tantrum of decorators
  184. A team of athletes
  185. A team of players
  186. A thought of barons
  187. A tribe of Indians
  188. A tribe of natives
  189. A trip of hippies
  190. A troop of boy scouts
  191. A troupe of acrobats
  192. A troupe of artistes
  193. A troupe of dancers
  194. A troupe of minstrels
  195. A troupe of performers
  196. A wandering of tinkers
  197. A wheeze of joggers
  198. A worship of writers
  199. An absence/An order of waiters
  200. An alley/A pratfall of clowns
  201. A brace/A wince of dentists
  202. An amalgamation of metallurgists
  203. An amble of walkers
  204. An ambush of widows
  205. An army of soldiers
  206. A roll of drummers
  207. An attitude/A grunt of teenagers
  208. An audience of listeners
  209. An eloquence of lawyers
  210. An embarrassment /A persistence of parents
  211. An entrance of actresses
  212. An expectation of heirs
  213. An expectation of midwives
  214. An obscurity/A rhyme of poets
  215. An illusion of magicians
  216. An impatience of wives
  217. An imposition of in-laws
  218. An obeisance of servants
  219. An observance of hermits
  220. An obstruction of dons
  221. An orchestra of musicians

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