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Animal Group Names: 250+ Collective Nouns for Animals


Animal Group Names! Learn useful list of collective nouns for animals (turkeys, owls, crows, ravens, frogs, rabbits…) with example sentences, video and ESL printable worksheets.

You surely know which groups animals fall into in your native language and so you are also surely aware of the importance of knowing this information. When talking about animals, you may be required to let the listener know which category the animal you are referring to falls into.

In this section, you are going to learn the English names for the various animal groups and this will give you an advantage when it comes to conversation and writing about animals.

Collective Nouns for Animals

In English, a collective noun for animals refers to a collection or a group of animals taken as a whole.

Collective nouns for animals examples:

  • What is a group of turkeys called? flock of turkeys, a rafter of turkeys
  • What is a group of owls called? A parliament of owls, a stare of owls
  • What is a group of crows called? A murder of crows, a hover of crows, a muster of crows, a parcel of crows
  • What is a group of ravens called? An unkindness of ravens, an aerie of ravens, a conspiracy of ravens
  • What is a group of frogs called? An army of frogs, a colony of frogs, a knot of frogs
  • What is a group of flamingos called? A stand of flamingos
  • What is a group of rabbits called? A colony of rabbits, a bury of rabbits, a drove of rabbits, a warren of rabbits, a wrack of rabbits
  • What is a group of lions called? A pride of lions, a flock of lions, a troop of lions
  • What is a group of foxes called? A skulk of foxes, an earth of foxes, a lead of foxes, a leash of foxes, a troop of foxes
  • What is a group of pigs called? A drove of pigs, a drift of pigs, a flock of pigs, a herd of pigs
  • What is a group of bats called? A cloud of bats, a colony of bats
  • What is a group of bears called? A sloth of bears
  • What is a group of geese called? A gaggle of geese, a flock of geese, a plump of geese, a wedge of geese

List of Animal Group Names

Learn names of different groups of animals in English.

Collective Nouns for Birds

List of Collective Nouns for Birds | Animal Group Names

  • A band/A party/A scold of jays
  • A bazaar of guillemots
  • A bellowing of bullfinches
  • A bevy/A covey/A drift of quails
  • A brood/A clutch/A peep of chickens
  • A brood of hens
  • A cadge of peregrines
  • A cast of falcons
  • A chain of bobolinks
  • A charm/A chirm/A trembling/A trimming of finches
  • A charm/A chattering/A drum/A troubling of goldfinches
  • A charm/A chattering/A drum/A troubling of hummingbirds
  • A cloud of seafowls
  • A colony/A flock/A raft of auks
  • A colony of avocets
  • A colony of gulls
  • A colony of ibises
  • A colony/A parcel/A rookery of penguins
  • A colony/A committee/A wake of vultures
  • A company/A flock/A pandemonium/A psittacosis of parrots
  • A company/A bunch/A coil/A flight/A knob/A trip of widgeons
  • A congregation/A charm/A flock/A gulp/A murder/A tiding/A tittering/A tribe of magpies
  • A congregation/A band/A flight/A leash/A stand/A wing of plovers
  • A convocation/An aerie of eagles
  • A covert/A commotion/A cover/A fleet/A flock/A pod/A rasp/A swarm of coots
  • A covey/A brace/A brood/A flight/A pack of grouse
  • A covey/A bevy/A clutch/A warren of partridges
  • A covey of ptarmigans
  • A crowd of redwings
  • A descent of woodpeckers
  • A desert/A deceit of lapwings
  • A dole/A flight/A piteousness/A pitying/A prettying of doves
  • A fall/A covey/A flight/A plump of woodcocks
  • A flight of birds
  • A flight/A gulp of cormorants
  • A flight of goshawks
  • A flight/A flock/A kit/A passel of pigeons
  • A flight/A gulp of swallows
  • A fling of dunlins
  • A fling of sandpipers
  • A flock of birds
  • A flock of bustards
  • A flock of swifts
  • A flock of turkeys
  • A flush of ducks
  • A gaggle/A flock/A plump/A skein/A team/A wedge of geese
  • A head/A herd of curlews
  • A herd/A bank/A bevy/A drift/A game/A herd/A lamentation/A squadron/A team/A wedge/A whiteness/A whiting of swans
  • A herd/A flock of wrens
  • A hill of ruffs
  • A host/A quarrel/A tribe/A ubiquity of sparrows
  • A knob of pintails
  • A mews/An aerie/A cast/A kettle/A mew/A screw/A stream of hawks
  • A murder/A hover/A muster/A parcel of crows
  • A chattering/A cloud/A congregation/A clutter of starlings
  • A muse of capons
  • A muster/An ostentation/A pride of peacocks
  • A mustering/A flight/A phalanx of storks
  • A mutation of thrushes
  • A bouquet/A head/A warren of pheasants
  • A parcel of linnets
  • A parliament/A stare of owls
  • A parliament/A building/A congregation/A shoal/A wing of rooks
  • A pitying of turtledoves
  • A plump of moorhens
  • A plump/A bunch/A knob/A raft of waterfowls
  • A pod/A scoop of pelicans
  • A prattle of parrots
  • A pride/A flock of ostriches
  • A rafter of turkeys
  • A run of poultry
  • A sedge/A siege of bitterns
  • A sedge/A herd/A sedge/A siege of cranes
  • A sedge/A flight/A hedge/A rookery/A siege of herons
  • A flush/A puddling of mallards
  • A spring/A bunch/A coil/A knob/A raft of teals
  • A squabble of seagulls
  • A stand of flamingos
  • A trip of dotterels
  • A trip/A bunch/A knob/A lute/A skein of wildfowls
  • A wake of buzzards
  • A walk/A wisp of snipes
  • A watch/A match/A pray of nightingales
  • An army of caterpillars
  • An exaltation/An ascension/A bevy/A flight of larks
  • An ostentation of peacocks
  • An unkindness/An aerie/A conspiracy of ravens

Collective Nouns For Animals | Animal Group Names| Birds

Animal Group Names: 250+ Collective Nouns for Animals 2Pin

(250+ Collective Nouns For Animals – Names of Groups of Animals)

Collective Nouns for Mammals

List of Collective Nouns for Mammals | Animal Group Names

  • An array/A prickle of hedgehogs
  • A band/A whoop of gorillas
  • A band/A pack of mongooses
  • A barren/A pack/A rake/A span of mules
  • A blessing of unicorns
  • A bloat/A crash/A herd/A pod/A school/A thunder of hippopotami
  • A brace of geldings
  • A bury/A game of conies
  • A business/A cast of ferrets
  • A colony of badgers
  • A chine of polecats
  • A clan of hyenas
  • A cloud/A colony of bats
  • A glaring/A cluster/A clutter of cats
  • A cluster/A herd/A tribe of antelopes
  • A coalition of cheetahs
  • A cohort/A herd/A zeal of zebras
  • A colony/A family/A lodge of beavers
  • A colony of chinchillas
  • A colony/A bury/A drove/A flick/A kindle/A leash/A nest/A trace/A warren/A wrack of rabbits
  • A colony/A horde/A mischief/A swarm of rats
  • A colony/A harem/A herd/A pod/A rookery/A spring of seals
  • A colony of voles
  • A congress/A flange/A troop of baboons
  • A coterie/A town of prairie dogs
  • A couple of impalas
  • A cowardice of curs
  • A crash/A herd/A stubbornness of rhinoceroses
  • A destruction of (wild) cats
  • A destruction of wildcats
  • A drift/A trip of (tame) swine
  • A dray/A colony of squirrels
  • A drift/A drove/A parcel of hogs
  • A drove of bullocks
  • A drove/A down/A flick/A herd/A husk/A kindle/A leash/A trace/A trip of hares
  • A drove/A drift/A flock/A herd of pigs
  • A drove/A herd of swine
  • A fall of lambs
  • A family/A bevy/A raft/A romp of otters
  • A farrow/A litter of piglets
  • A field/A string of racehorses
  • A flock/A caravan/A herd/A train of camels
  • A flock/A down/A drift/A drove/A fold/A herd/A mob/A parcel/A trip of
  • A gang/A herb/An obstinacy of buffalos
  • A gang/A herd of elks
  • A grind of bottle-nosed whales
  • A group of guinea pigs
  • A herd/A gang of bisons
  • A herd/A leash of bucks
  • A herd of caribous
  • A herd/A drift/A drove/A mob of cattle
  • A herd of chamois
  • A herd/A drove of donkeys
  • A herd of elands
  • A herd/A parade of elephants
  • A herd/An implausibility of gnus
  • A herd of hartebeests
  • A herd of harts
  • A herd of ibexes
  • A herd of llamas
  • A herd of moose
  • A herd of wildebeests
  • A herd of yaks
  • A horde of gerbils
  • A horde of hamsters
  • A huddle/A herd/An ugly of walruses
  • A husk of jackrabbits
  • A journey/A group/A herd/A tower of giraffes
  • A kindle/A litter of kittens
  • A kindle of leverets
  • A labor/A company/A movement of moles
  • A leap of leopards
  • A leash of greyhounds
  • A litter of cubs
  • A litter of pups
  • A mischief/A horde/A nest/A trip of mice
  • A mob/A troop of kangaroos
  • A mob of wombats
  • A nursery/A gaze of raccoons
  • A pace/A drove/A coffle/A herd of asses
  • A pack/A band/A rout of coyotes
  • A pack/A kennel of dogs
  • A pack/A cry/A hunt/A kennel/A leash/A meet/A mute/A  stable of hounds
  • A pack/A trip of stoats
  • A pack/A herd/A rout of wolves
  • A parcel of hinds
  • A pod/A flock/A school/A team of dolphins
  • A prickle of porcupines
  • A pride/A flock/A sault/A troop of lions
  • A rake/A rack/A rag of colts
  • A richness of martens
  • A school/A herd/A pod of porpoises
  • A school/A float/A gam/A herd/A mob/A pod/A run/A shoal of whales
  • A shrewdness/A troop of apes
  • A skulk/An earth/A lead/A leash/A troop of foxes
  • A sloth of bears
  • A sneak/A gang/A pack of weasels
  • A sounder of (wild) boars
  • A sounder of (wild) pigs
  • A sounder of (wild) swine
  • A stable/A herd/A string/A stud/A team/A drove of horses
  • A string/A herd of ponies
  • A stud of mares
  • A surfeit of skunks
  • A team/A drove/A herd/A span/A yoke of oxen
  • A trip/A flock/A herd/A trip/A tribe of goats
  • A troop/A mission/A tribe/A cartload/A wilderness of monkeys
  • An ambush/A streak of tigers
  • An aurora/A pack of polar bears

Collective Nouns For Animals | Animal Group Names | Mammals

Animal Group Names: 250+ Collective Nouns for Animals 3

(250+ Collective Nouns For Animals – Names of Groups of Animals – Mammals)

Collective Nouns for Sea Animals

Collective Nouns for Sea Animals | Animal Group Names

Learn collective nouns for fish and other groups of sea animals.

  • A battery of barracudas
  • A bind/A leap/A school/A shoal/A run/A draught of salmon
  • A cluster of porcupine fish
  • A company of angelfish
  • A company of archer fish
  • A family of sardines
  • A fleet/A shoal of bass
  • A float of tuna
  • A flotilla of swordfish
  • A glean/An army/A shoal of herrings
  • A glide of flying fish
  • A glint/A troubling of goldfish
  • A grind of blackfish
  • A herd of seahorses
  • A pack of perch
  • A party of rainbow fish
  • A quantity of smelts
  • A school of butterfly fish
  • A school of cod
  • A shiver/A school/A shoal of sharks
  • A shoal/A catch/A draught/A fray/A haul/A run/A school of fish
  • A shoal of mackerel
  • A shoal/A steam/A stream/A swarm of minnows
  • A shoal/A school of pilchards
  • A shoal of roach
  • A shoal of shads
  • A shoal/A spread of sticklebacks
  • A squad of squid
  • A swarm of dragonet fish
  • A swarm of eels
  • A troop of dogfish
  • A troupe of shrimp

Collective Nouns For Animals | Animal Group Names | Sea Animals

Animal Group Names: 250+ Collective Nouns for Animals 4Pin

(250+ Collective Nouns For Animals – Names of Groups of Animals)

Collective Nouns for Amphibians, Reptiles, Invertebrates, Insects

Learn collective nouns for insects and other groups of animals.

Collective Nouns for Amphibians and Reptiles

  • A quiver of cobras
  • A bask/A congregation/A float/A nest of crocodiles
  • A herd/A pack of dinosaurs (pack)
  • A flight/A wing of dragons
  • An army/A colony/A knot of frogs
  • A mess of iguanas
  • A den/A bed/A knot/A nest/A pit of snakes
  • A knot/A nest/A knob of toads
  • A bale/A turn of turtles
  • A nest/A generation of vipers

Collective Nouns for Invertebrates

  • A culture of bacteria
  • A stuck/A smack of jellyfish
  • A clew of worms

Collective Nouns for Insects and Arachnids

  • A colony/An army/A bike/A swarm of ants
  • A swarm/A bike/A cast/A cluster/A drift/A game/A hive/A stand/A rabble/A grist of bees
  • A bike of (wild) bees
  • A flight/A rabble/A swarm of butterflies
  • An army of caterpillars
  • An intrusion of cockroaches
  • A swarm/A cloud/A business/A grist/A hatch of flies
  • A cloud/A horde/A rabble/A swarm of gnats
  • A cloud/A cluster/A swarm of grasshoppers
  • A bike/A nest/A swarm of hornets
  • A flight/A horde/A plague/A rabble/A swarm of insects
  • A flock/A colony/An infestation of lice
  • A plague/A cloud/A swarm of locusts
  • A scourge/A swarm of mosquitoes
  • A clutter/A cluster of spiders
  • A colony/A swarm of termites
  • A colony/A bike/A nest of wasps

Collective Nouns for Mollusks

  • A bed of clams
  • A bed of cockles
  • A bed of mussels
  • A bed/A hive of oysters
  • A rout/A walk of snails

Collective Nouns For Animals | Animal Group Names| Other Animals

250+ Collective Nouns For Animals in EnglishPin

(250+ Collective Nouns For Animals – Names of Groups of Animals)

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