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Process diagram #4 – The process shows how plants create food

The process shows how plants create food

Sample answer:

The illustration shows the process by which plants are able to produce food.

Plants require input from four different sources to produce the sugars that are needed. First, the roots absorb water. Added to this, the plant is able to convert sunlight into energy needed for the process to be able to take place. Additionally, carbon dioxide is taken from the atmosphere through the leaves. Finally come the minerals which are extracted from the soil through the roots.

When combined, these four factors allow the plant to produce sugar, which is then converted into starch and stored in the leaves and the stem until required, when it is used for growth and repair of damaged leaves, stems or roots. A byproduct of this process is the conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen, which is released into the air.

Overall, the process requires four elements to function, and in turn produces two different effects.

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