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Process diagram #1 – Brick Manufacturing

 Brick Manufacturing

The diagram shows the process by which bricks are manufactured for the building industry.

Sample answer:

The diagram illustrates different stages in the process of manufacturing bricks from the digging step to delivery.

At the beginning of the process, clay is dug from the ground. Then, the clay is put through a metal grid, and it passes onto a roller where it is mixed with sand and water. After that, the clay can be shaped into bricks in two ways: either it is put in a mould, or a wire cutter is used.

At the fourth stage in the process, the clay bricks are placed in a drying oven for one to two days. Next, the bricks are heated in a kiln at a moderate temperature (200 – 900 degrees Celsius) and then at a high temperature (up to 1300 degrees Celsius), before spending two to three days in a cooling chamber. Finally, the finished bricks are packaged and delivered to be sold in the market.

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