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Sample IELTS Writing Task 1: Map

The diagrams below show the water supply system in Australia present and in future.


The diagrams illustrate how the water supply system in Australia currently works and the plan for future changes.

Overall, the most noticeable change in the future water supply system is the recycling process of water for use in the city.

Looking at the present water supply system plan, pure water is stored in a dam before being transferred to a city to be used by households, shops and factories. From the city, storm water goes straight into the river whereas waste water is sent to the water treatment plant. After being processed, it is safe to be released into the river.

Regarding the future water supply system, it can be seen that the storage of pure water in the dam and its usage in the city are planned to remain unchanged. However, both storm water and waste water from the city will be directly pumped to the water treatment plant for processing. After that, they will both be recycled back for use in the city. Also, there will be no water released into the river.

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