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IELTS Writing Task 2 (Exercises): SUPPORTING ARTISTS


Useful words and phrases:

  1. aid (n)
  2. compelling (adj)
  3. cost – effective (adj)
  4. deprived (adj)
  5. digital technology (np)
  6. financial assistance (np)
  7. financial resources (np)
  8. governmental budget/ allowance/ spending (np)
  9. inadequate (adj)
  10. money – wasting (adj)
  11. precursor (n)
  12. promote (v)
  13. recompense (n)
  14. stimulate (v)
  15. sustainable (adj)
  16. take a (giant) leap (collocation)
  17. treasure (v)
  18. willingly (adv)


Task 1: Write sentences from given cues. Make changes to the cues when needed.

  1. Long / public holiday / be / way / stimulate / economic growth.
  1. It / not / be / cost – effective / buy / expensive / new / computer / when /all / you / want / do / be / store / photos. _____________________
  2. Financial resources / be / money / available / business / spend.
  1. Biological research/ often / be / precursor / medical breakthrough.
  1. Deprived / life / be / double-edged sword: / It / motivate / or / discourage / people / try.

Task 2: Fill in the blanks with suitable words/phrases

aid (n)money – wasting (adj)
compelling (adj)precursor (n)
cost – effective (adj)promote (v)
deprived (adj)recompense (n)
digital technology (np)stimulate (v)
financial assistance (np)sustainable (adj)
financial resources (np)take a (giant) leap (collocation)
governmental budget/allowance/spending (np)treasure (v)
inadequate (adj)willingly (adv)

Some people thinkthat governments should give financial support to artists, musicians and poets. Others think that it is a waste of money.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Governmental finance as a form of support for artists has evolved into a major topic of concern in modern society. While some believe there are real benefits to this policy, I would contend that this is a waste of 1__________.

There is a common belief that artists should be provided with financial support by the state. People may argue that some artists receive 2__________ compared with what they contribute to society. For example, Nguyen Van Ty, the composer of many nationally-famous songs in Vietnam, lived a 3__________life and died in poverty. Another significant reason for this belief is that once the 4__________on supporting artists is allowed, thousands of young artists would be 5__________to contribute more to the development of art. A clear example of this is that the 2005 6__________for young photographers in Singapore acted as a 7__________to an era in which Singaporean photography 8 __________to become a leading industry in the whole country’s art sector.

However, I am convinced that this type of 9__________is wasteful. The primary reason is that in today’s economy, artists can take care of themselves financially without the help of the government. With the 10__________of the Internet and 11__________artists can now reach millions of people by publishing their artwork online. With this larger target audience, artists may easily find buyers for their paintings, songs or writing and therefore do not need 12__________. Another significant reason why this is a waste of money is that there are better ways for the government to spend their budget for development of the arts. Investment in education in the arts, for example, not only raises the public awareness of the arts, but also makes people 13__________them more. The result of this practice is that the public would 14__________pay more for paintings, music or poetry, which is a more 15__________way to 16__________the arts. This makes providing artists with financial assistance a less 17__________and thus a 18__________policy.

To conclude, although the idea of giving artists financial assistance is worthwhile in the view of some people, I firmly believe that there are far more 19__________reasons why this policy is a waste of money in today’s society.

362 words


Task 1:

  1. Long public holidays can be a way to stimulate economic growth.
  2. It wouldn’t be cost – effective to buy an expensive new computer when all you want to do is to store your photos.
  3. Financial resources are the money available to a business for spending.
  4. Biological research has often been a precursor to medical breakthroughs. 5. A deprived life is a double-edged sword: It can motivate or discourage people from trying.

Task 2:

(1) financial resources

(2) inadequate recompense

(3) deprived

(4) governmental budget

(5) stimulated

(6) governmental allowance

(7) precursor

(8) took a giant leap

(9) governmental spending

(10) aid

(11) digital technology

(12) financial assistance

(13) treasure

(14) willingly

(15) sustainable

(16) promote

(17) cost-effective

(18) money-wasting

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