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IELTS Writing Task 2 (Exercises): MUSIC AND SPORTS


Useful words and phrases:

  1. abandon (v)
  2. capability (n)
  3. critical (adj)
  4. expose (v)
  5. extracurricular activity (np)
  6. extraordinary (adj)
  7. figure (n)
  8. mandatory (adj) >< optional (adj)
  9. mental illness (np)
  10. mindset (n)
  11. potential (adj/n)
  12. provision (n)
  13. satisfy (v)
  14. suffer from (collocation)
  15. treat (v)
  16. be treated as (collocation)


Task 1: Write sentences from given cues. Make changes to the cues when needed.

  1. provision / good public transport / will / essential / develop / the area.
  2. article / outline / council / communication / public engagement / strategy, (outline – verb)
  3. According / eyewitness account / thieves / abandon / their vehicle / near / scene / the rob bery / and / then / run off.
  4. many / company / still / treat / their / manage / staff / better / their / worker.
  5. It / extraordinary / how / hard / it / change / mindset / public / and / press.
  6. mental illness / health conditions / involve / changes / in / think /or / emotion / or / behavior/ or / combination / these.
  7. minister / call for / mandatory / prison sentence / people / assault / police officer.
  8. region / enormous / potential / economic development.
  9. although / she / suffer / cancer / two years / she / still / positive person.
  10. movie / about / young police office / and / his struggle / expose / corruption / the force.

Task 2: Fill in the blanks with suitable words/phrases

abandon (v)mandatory (adj)
be treated as (collocation)optional (adj)
capability (n)mental illness (np)
critical (adj)mindset (n)
expose (v)potential (adj/n)
extracurricular activity (np)provision (n)
extraordinary (adj)satisfy (v)
figure (n)suffer from (collocation)
music and sport figurestreat (v)

Some people think that schools should concentrate on academic courses which are useful to the career of students; courses like music and sports are not useful and therefore should not be offered.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

To some educators, school teaching should focus on formal subjects such as geometry and classical literature, while sports and music should be removed. I strongly disagree with this opinion for the reasons as follows.

Without music and sport classes, a child’s talent in these areas may never be discovered and developed. In fact, classrooms may provide an environment for these children to 1___________their 2___________in these fields. Furthermore, even for the children with 3___________talents, their 4___________may not fully grow unless some basic lessons are offered. Children may also learn to be disciplined and hardworking from the atmosphere of a class, because success in these particular areas requires a significant amount of effort in training. In brief, school education may 5___________some of the most 6___________factors in the early progress of the future 7___________.

More importantly, the 8___________of both academic, music and sports education is 9___________for an all-rounded growth of young students. If learning to sing or to play a sport, for example, is 10___________as an 11___________only, children may consider the engagement in it to be entirely 12___________. Some children, particularly those without a determined 13___________, may eventually choose not to play sports and music. Such a group may consequently go on to 14___________physical or 15___________in later life.

To conclude, to ensure the adequate physical and mental development of the next generation, and to foster young talents in music and sports, I firmly believe these subjects must never be 16___________in any child educational institution.


Task 1: Write sentences from given cues. Make changes to the cues when needed.

  1. The provision of good public transport will be essential for developing the area.
  2. This article outlines the council’s communication and public engagement strategy.
  3. According to an eyewitness account, the thieves abandoned their vehicle near the scene of the robbery and then ran off.
  4. Many companies still treat their management staff better than their workers.
  5. It is extraordinary how hard it is to change the mindset of the public and the press.
  6. Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in thinking, emotion or behavior or a combination of these.
  7. The minister is calling for mandatory prison sentences for people who assault police officers.
  8. The region has enormous potential for economic development.
  9. Although she has been suffering from cancer for two years, she is still a positive person.
  10. The movie is about a young police officer and his struggle to expose corruption in the force.

Task 2:

(1) expose
(2) potential
(3) extraordinary
(4) capabilities
(5) satisfy
(6) critical
(7) music and sport figures
(8) provision
(9) mandatory
(10) treated
(11) extracurricular activity
(12) optional
(13) mindset
(14) suffer from
(15) mental illness
(16) abandoned

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