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IELTS Writing Task 2 (Exercises) : COPYRIGHTS


  1. access (n)
  2. accessible (adj)
  3. be less/more likely to do sth
  4. be likely to do sth
  5. drastic (adj)
  6. financially disadvantaged (adjp)
  7. intellectual property (np)
  8. morality (n)
  9. pose a/an (adj) threat to
  10. proclivity (n)
  11. reap the benefits of (collocation)
  12. severe (adj)
  13. surface (v)
  14. unfeasible (adj)


Task 1: Write sentences from given cues. Make changes to the cues when needed.

  1. Severe storms / be likely to / pose a threat / coastal villages.
  1. When / there / competitions / almost all fields / life / only / best / player / surface.
  2. Charge/ users/ download/ copyrightedmusic/ unfeasible/ those/ financially disadvantaged
  3. Invention / digital music download sites / helpful / protect / authors / intellectual property.
  4. Issue / morality / nuclear weapons / possession / be / on debate / today’s world.
  1. Internet / bring / students / more access / sources / knowledge / information.
  1. Young / songwriters / have / proclivity / plagiarize / musical beat / instead / whole melody /a song.
  1. Customers / those / reap benefits / competitions / service provider.
  1. During / past / six months / there / drastic / reduction / staffing levels / this company.
  2. Key / education / system / millennium / be / make/ learning opportunity / more /accessible/ adults

Task 2: Fill in the blanks with suitable words/phrases

Modern technology has made it easier for individuals to download copyrighted music and books from the internet for no charge. To what extent is this a positive or a negative development?

Copyrights have evolved into a major topic of concern in the era of the Internet and modern technology, as copyrighted music and books can now be downloaded for free with a few simple mouseclicks. While some believe that there are certain advantages to this development, I would contend that it may lead to 1___________ consequences that far outweigh any benefit it brings.

There is a common belief that free downloading of copyrighted contents is broadly. People may argue that the public can benefit from having free 2___________to invaluable sources of knowledge.Those who are 3___________would then have equal rights to develop academically, which may have been previously 4___________. Some also claim that once music contents are free, they can enrich the musical soul of millions. As a greater diversity of music becomes more 5___________to a larger audience, their understanding of it may improve, and new musical talents can 6___________as a result.

However, Ifirmly believe thatthereare 7___________consequences when copyrighted contents are distributed freely for everyone. This trend may well put the career of many authors, artistsand creative workers in danger, as they receive a significantly lower income from selling their books and songs. Yet this is not only a problem of finance, but also an issue of 8___________. The 9___________of taking others’ work without permission is a form of disregarding their rights and stealing their work. From a broader perspective, when authors’ 10___________is not respected, they 11___________ positively contribute to society.

To conclude, despite the belief that the public can 12___________the benefits of free access to intellectual content, I am of the opinion that disrespecting copyrights is undoubtedly a nega¬tive development that 13___________society.

291 words


Task 1:

  1. Severe storms are likely to pose a threat to coastal villages.
  2. When there are competitions in almost all fields of life, only the best players (can) surface.
  3. Charging users for downloading copyrighted music is (would be/could be/may be) unfea sible for those who are financially disadvantaged.
  4. The invention of digital music download sites is helpful in protecting authors’intellectual property.
  5. The issue of the morality of nuclear weapon possession has been on debate in today’s world.
  6. The Internet has brought students more access to sources of knowledge and information.
  7. Young songwriters have had a proclivity of plagiarizing musical beat instead of the whole melody of a song.
  8. Customers are those who reap benefits from competitions among service providers.
  9. During the past six months, there has been a drastic reduction of staffing levels in this company.
  10. The key to the education system in this millennium is to make/making learning opportunities more accessible to adults.

Task 2:

  • (1) drastic
  • (2) access
  • (3) financially disadvantaged
  • (4) unfeasible
  • (5) accessible
  • (6) surface
  • (7) severe
  • (8) morality
  • (9) proclivity
  • (10) intellectual property
  • (11) may be less likely to
  • (12) reap the benefits of
  • (13) poses an alarming threat to

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