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Bar Chart #26 – The actual and expected figures of population (1990-2000)

The chart shows information about the actual and expected figures of population in three cities, Jakarta, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai.

The given bar chart illustrates the population of Jakarta, Shanghai and Sao Paulo in 1990, as well as the estimated and actual figures of the populations in 2000.           

Overall, the population figures were highest for Sao Paulo, while Jakarta had the lowest number of inhabitants. Also, there were significant differences in the predicted and actual figures for 2000 in all countries.

Starting at around 17 million people in 1990, the population of Sao Paulo, the most populous area of the three examined cities, was expected to rise by about 4 million over the next decade. Likewise, forecasts estimated that the figure for Jakarta would also experience an increase of 2 million to reach 11 million in 2000, while that of Shanghai would decrease slightly to 11 million people.

The actual figures, however, implied a considerable growth in the populations of all cities. To be specific, Sao Paulo’s population reached nearly 25 million after ten years, while there were about 3 million more residents in Jakarta. At the same time, Shanghai’s figure which was projected to decrease slightly turned out to soar to 15 million in 2000.

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