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Bar chart #16 – The percentage of car manufacturer’s total sales

The chart shows the percentage of car manufacturer’s total sales in North America, South America, Europe and Asia

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The bar chart illustrates the percentages of vehicles sold in four different regions by a car manufacturer, over five consecutive years, starting from 2006. 

It is clear that while the proportion of cars sold in Asia increased significantly, the opposite was true in South America. Additionally, the figures for the remaining regions remained relatively stable over the period shown. 

In 2006, 30% of cars were sold in Asia and Europe each, just 1% higher than in South America. By contrast, the car sales in North America made up by far the lowest percentage of total sales, at only 11%. Two years later, the proportion of car sales in Asia and Europe both rose moderately, with Europe’s sales peaking at 38% in 2008, whereas there were considerable decreases in the figures for the other regions. 

By 2010, the percentage of cars sold in Asia had soared to reach 50%, while those in Europe and South America had declined significantly to 30% and 9% respectively. Meanwhile, the sales in North America, which had dropped to 5% in 2009, had recovered to 11%. 

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