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Writing Task 2: In some countries prisoners are allowed comfortable accommodation, good food, and healthcare

In some countries, prisoners are allowed comfortable accommodation, good food, and healthcare.

Do you think this is appropriate?

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give specific reasons and examples to support your position.

Sample Answer 1:

There are various design approaches to prisons and prisoners’ reformation program. Some countries continued the old-fashioned method of providing the bare-minimum facilities that is sometimes borderline inhumane, whereas others offered easier access to comfortable infrastructure. I agree that it is appropriate to provide comfortable facilities in prisons because these are rudimentary human rights and that general comfort are necessary to reform the prisoners.

The question revolving comfort in prisons is a result of stigma against the prisoners themselves. These convicts are often stereotyped as lesser human beings due to the crime they committed. Everyone makes mistakes and therefore deserve forgiveness and atonement. Similarly, having a basic level of comfort is every human being’s right, regardless if he or she was an offender or not. Stripping criminals away from their basic access to accommodation, good food and healthcare is simply inhumane.

Furthermore, the argument of comfortable jails also stems from the misconception of a prison merely as containment for offenders instead of a rehabilitation centre. The prison is a second chance for prisoners to turn over a new leaf. Thus, psychologically speaking, a suitable environment should be designed to facilitate with reforming the convicts’ habits. To illustrate, research has shown that prisoners whose well-being is looked after while serving their sentence are less likely to succumb into crime upon release.

To conclude, I strongly agree that prisoners are allowed to access comfortable facilities in jails, primarily because they are also human beings that deserve basic human rights and the second chance to contribute to the society.

Sample Answer 2:

In this concurrent world, it is undoubtedly true that the most of individuals being criminal because they do not have basic facilities which helps them to survive. Some people concur that government should not give these types of means to prisoners. However, I quibble from them and propound that criminal is also human so, we provide them basal needs.

Adequate evidences are obtainable to substantiate the concept of the fundamental facilities for prisoners. The top-notch concrete reason is that criminal mostly comes from poverty and because of these condition they have to put their foot into crime world. If authority provide them best facilities and also good behavior to them, then there will be chances to change them into well human being. Another rational reason which hauls me to patron is that if government do not provide them best resources, then they may be become more violent and we also stripping fundamental needs from them. So as a human, we cannot forget our humanity and we must provide that basic needs to them. Such as accommodation, well food, and healthcare facilities.

What is half full for some, may appear half empty to others. So public in general tend to distinguish that prisoners are not eligible to that types of resources because they are culprit of our society which has multifarious reasons. To commence with, some people deem that if authority provide that types of means to them then its totally waste of money. They also uphold that government should use these money on development of society.

All in All, I reiterate that there are innumerable strong factors supporting to fundamental rights of prisoners. Consequently, I firmly agree to the given statement.

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