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Writing Task 1: Mixed charts | The info about the use of Internet in five countries in Erope in 2000

Task 01: Mixed

The charts show the info about the use of Internet in five countries in Erope in 2000.

Sample Answer 1:

The bar chart illustrates the percentage of people in five different European countries using the internet in 2000, while the pie chart shows the average amount of money spent shopping online.

Overall, Sweden and the UK were the two countries with the greatest percentage of internet users, and also the two countries with the highest average online shopping expenses. Furthermore, Spain had the fewest internet users and the lowest average spending on internet shopping.

In 2000, 35% of the Swedish population used the internet, while 20% of Brits were also internet users. Only 5% of people in Spain used the internet, which was half of the figure for France (10%), and one-third of the figure for Germany (15%).

British internet users had the highest average shopping expenses online, at €87, followed by the Swedes, at €76. The French and Germans had similar average internet budgets, at €57 and €46 respectively, while the Spanish only spent a mere average of €10 on online shopping.

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Sample Answer 2 :

The figure, consisting of a bar graph and a pie chart, provides related statistics on the Internet usage pattern in five European countries in 2000. Specifically, the former plots the percentages of users among the population while the latter shows individual expenditure on online shopping, measured in euros.

Overall, albeit Sweden ranked first in the proportions of Internet users, the British outspent people from other countries on online shopping. It is also apparent that Spain bottomed both of the lists.

Concerning the bar graph, heading the list was Sweden, with 35% of the population getting access to the Internet. Following this country, in the UK, Germany, France, and Spain, the percentages of Internet users were 20%, 15%, 10%, and 5%.

As for the remaining chart, the UK displaced Sweden (76 euros per person) to end in the first place, with 87 euros being the money each person allocated to online purchases. Shopping expenditure for an individual hovered around half in France (57%) and Germany (46%). Spain was low ranking when its nationals only spared a tenth of their earnings for making orders on the websites.

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