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Writing Task 1 (Maps): The maps show art gallery in Australia in 1950 and now.

Task 01: Map

The maps show art gallery in Australia in 1950 and now.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Model Answer 1 :

The two maps show the site plans and layout of an Australian art gallery in 1950 and the present day.

Overall, the gallery is organized into a central area, an east wing and a west wing, each having about the same square footage. This basic configuration has not been changed, but the courtyard on the north side of the building in 1950 was incorporated into the gallery itself, creating two new gallery spaces in the central area and east wing as well as an art school for children in the west wing.

In detail, the west wing still contains the bookshop, café and temporary exhibition space that was in the older plan. However the café is reduced in size and a toilet added. The entrance, in the center of the south side of the building, leads to the largest area, reserved for sculptures. Behind it, the area which was formerly the courtyard has a new place for exhibiting Australian aboriginal art. There were significant changes made in the east wing. The space for Australian art was transferred to the former courtyard area and in its place Asian art is displayed. The two areas for European art have not been altered.

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Model Answer 2 :

The maps compare the changes in the layout of an art gallery in Australia between 1950 and the present day. Overall, while most areas on the right hand side and left hand side remain relatively unchanged, the rear of the building has seen a number of additions of several new rooms at the expense of the courtyard.

In 1950, a courtyard was located at the rear of the building. This has now been replaced by an art school for children on the left side, a room for Australian art on the right side, and a room for Australian Aboriginal art in the centre. The cafe located behind the temporary exhibition area on the left hand side is now half the size as it was in 1950 and shares the space with a block of toilets.

The entrance and sculpture room have remained intact, however, the room which previously housed the Australian art at the front right side of the building is now a room for Asian art.

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