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Writing Task 1 (Maps): The changes of a cinema from 1980 until now

Task 01: Map

The pictures show the layout of a cinema in 1980 and the same cinema now.

Sample Answer 1:

The two maps show how a cinema has developed over the last forty years. Overall, there have been several changes, the most noticeable being the addition of three more cinema rooms and additional facilities as well as the elimination of the back parking lot.

In 1980, the cinema had two cinema rooms: one on the left hand of the entrance and a second larger cinema in the right corner towards the back of the building. On the right side of the entrance, there was a ticket booth and a drink stand. There were also male and female restrooms in the back left corner of the theatre, and behind the building stood a car park.

Looking at the present day map, the cinema has expanded into the parking lot in order to make room for additional cinema showing rooms. Three cinema rooms instead of the one room line the right wall. The cinema on the left hand of the entrance has been replaced with a relaxation room. In addition, the drink stand has been moved to the far left corner, and it now serves food. On the right side of the entrance, the ticket booth has stayed in the same location, but instead of the drinks stand now is a DVD shop. The restrooms are still located in the same place as before, but new cinema rooms stand both in front of and behind the toilets.

Sample Answer 2:

The maps depict modifications made to an unspecified cinema from 1980 to the present day. Overall, the cinema underwent extensive renovations, with the addition of more cinemas and various other amenities to the left-hand and right-hand sides.

In 1980, the cinema was largely vacant with only two cinemas, the first of which was sited to the immediate left of the entrance, the second of which was positioned to the relatively unoccupied right-hand side. Over the next 40 years, this part of the cinema was filled with three additional cinemas, with the original Cinema 1 and 2 relocated to the left-hand side.  

Other major changes include the addition of facilities that cater for the various needs of moviegoers. An area in which food and drink are served and a room for relaxation are established, taking up the space where there was once Cinema 1. Additionally, the old drink stall in the right corner near the entrance was converted into a DVD shop. The parts that are left unchanged include the toilet (now sited between Cinema 1 and 2) and the ticket box office to the left of the entrance.

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