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Writing Task 1 (Maps): Changes in Felixstone in the UK between 1967 and 2001

Task 01: Maps

The diagrams below show changes in Felixstone in the UK between 1967 and 2001.

Sample Answer :

The given maps illustrate changes in the layout of Flexitone in the UK from 1967 to 2001.

Overall, several large changes were made to the town throughout the years, including the addition of new tourism facilities, and the removal of previous industry and infrastructure.

In 1967, there was a large farming area located behind the shops to the east of High Street. By 2001, this area had been completely redeveloped and replaced by a new hotel with a swimming pool and tennis courts. The land in front of this new hotel on the beachside, previously a fish market, was now a private beach.(1)

A large marina and pier once stood on the seafront of this town, however this was removed and replaced with a public beach. Other changes to the area include a wind turbine facility located to the south of the dunes, and the addition of a carpark facility to the hotel located along the beachfront.

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