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Top 4 books to learn IELTS Vocabulary

 1. English Vocabulary in Use – Elementary

Suitable audience: Beginners of IELTS

Book content

  • 60 topics contain about 1250 basic words and phrases
  • Each word will be used in sentence patterns, conversation patterns and instructions on how to apply the word
  • After theory will be practice practice
  • Answer keys are at the end of the book
  • The Index at the end of the book contains all the vocabulary and vocabulary phrases learned in the units with phonetics.


2. English Vocabulary in Use – Pre intermediate and Intermediate

Suitable audience: For you a little higher than elementary and intermediate levels, about 4.0 IELTS

Book content:

  • 100 topics contain about 2000 basic and advanced words and phrases
  • The vocabulary is provided in more advanced meanings including: synonyms, antonyms, collocations, …
  • Topics are also more advanced with many topical issues: Technology, Entertainment, Tourism


3. English Vocabulary in Use – Upper intermediate

Suitable audience: Books for intensive students 4.5 – 5.0

Book content

  • 100 topics with more than 300 pages focusing on academic professional topics: Countries, Relationship, environment, Health and medicine
  • The vocabulary will be further analyzed into many types of words: verb phrases, noun phrases, prefixes, suffixes, …


4. English Vocabulary in Use – Advanced

Suitable subjects: for advanced students, about 5.5-6.0 or more to study.

Book content

  • 100 topics with nearly 300 pages revolving around the deepest academic professional topics in 4 books
  • Vocabulary divided into many topics, further analyzed by lessons with familiar word forms but with more complex and difficult word structures


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