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Table #5: Waste produced in million tonnes in six different countries

The table shows the amount of total waste produced in million tonnes in six different countries in three years.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

You should write at least 150 words.

Sample Answer 1:

The table compares the waste production in six different countries in three different years. Overall, the US alone produced more waste in these years than the rest of the countries did in combination.

According to the table data, Canada produced 20 million tonnes of litter which was exactly double than that of Ireland and Poland. The waste production in Japan was 15 million tonnes. Scotland produced the least amount of garbage which was only 3 million tonnes. These five countries together were responsible for producing 58 million tonnes of wastage which was almost half of the waste products in the USA. Next year the waste generation in the US increased to 150 million tonnes, almost a fifty percent increase, while Poland, Canada and Scotland managed to reduce it. The most significant improvement was in Poland in terms of waste production – from 10 to below 3 million tonnes in 4 years. Finally, in 2000, waste production in Ireland, Poland, Japan, Canada and Scotland was 9.9, 18, 25, 29 and 5 million tonnes respectively and it is obvious that all these countries have been successful to check their waste production. However, the USA in this year generated more than 200 million tonnes of leftovers while the rest of countries together produced less than 87 million tonnes of waste.

Sample Answer 2:

The table shows the amount of waste produced by six countries in three different years. It is obvious that waste produced by the USA was far greater than that of other countries and Scotland contributed to the least amount of wastages in the given years.

According to the table data, Ireland produced 16 million tonnes leftover in 1992 which was 6 million tonnes higher than that of 8 years ago. Poland’s production of garbage decreased considerably in 1992 than its initial 10 million tonnes in 1988. Japan and Canada generated 22 and 19 million tonnes garbage respectively in 1992 compared to their 15 and 20 million tonnes in 1988. Scotland’s production of waste was the lowest in the given years and stood at 2 million tonnes in 1992. The USA alone produced 150 million tonnes garbage which was overwhelmingly higher than that of other countries. Waste production in this country upsurged to 209 million tonnes after eight years when Canada and Japan’s figures stood at 29 and 25 respectively. Waste production in 2000 indicates that the USA alone produced more leftovers than the cumulative production of rest of the countries.

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