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Table #11: The average weekly salaries of men and of women working in different ocupations

Task 01: Table

The table below shows the average weekly salaries of men and of women working in different occupations.

Sample Answer 1:

The table compares the average weekly salary of men and women working in different types of jobs in 2015.

Overall, it is clear that men were paid substantially more per week than women in most jobs. Meanwhile, professionals were the highest paid jobs for both genders, while manual laborers were the lowest paid.

In 2015, the highest paid positions for men were in professional jobs, receiving a weekly salary of $2000. Technicians received the second highest weekly salaries, at around $1400, while those working in clerical and administrative positions received around $1350. Male service workers were paid around $1300 a week, while manual laborers received around $1100.

Women, on the other hand, typically received lower salaries for all positions. Professionals were paid $1900 a week, which was almost double that of the second highest paid position of administrative and clerical workers, at $1000. Female service workers were paid $950 a week, technicians $900, and manual laborers $850.

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Sample Answer 2:

The table shows the salary per week on average of males and females by different jobs in 2015. There was a significant difference in the amount of money which they are paid in terms of their gender and occupation.

The most well-paid career for men was professionals which they received $2000 on average for a week. The second highest salary was $1400 for male technicians per week, over one a half times more than the money earned by females for the same job. Service and clerical male workers got $1300 and $1350 on average weekly, respectively. Men who did manual labor jobs earned the least – just a little over $1000 – about a half of the salary of professionals.

Females’ professions, on the other hand, was paid less than males’. Professionals were also the top moneyed occupation for women, and the salary on average was $1900 weekly, which is $100 less than that for males. Administrative/Clerical female workers earned with an average of $1000 per week. They got a little less than $1000 for technical and service jobs. The lowest paid for those who did manual labor jobs was $850 on average per week.

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