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Recent IELTS Speaking Topic and Sample Answer – TV Programme


Checking out the latest exam question will let you test your preparation level if you try it out at home. To help you stay updated with the recent IELTS speaking topic, let us find out a recently asked cue card topic.
IELTS Speaking Topic:


Describe your favourite TV programme

You should say:

  • Which programme it is
  • What it is about
  • How often you watch it

And explain why it is your favourite TV programme


Sample Answer:


There are a number of TV programmes I like to watch but the one I would like to talk about is CID which I am most addicted to. CID is a crime related programme which shows various crime scenes to help the public make aware of crimes and their consequences. I don’t get a chance to watch it every day since I am always busy at work but I do watch it every weekend. The purpose of telecasting this programme is to educate the people that committing crime is a serious offence and it can ruin the lives of others. Moreover, by watching this show, people can stay attentive of the criminals around and can better prevent such incidents to happen in the future.

CID is considered as one of the top crime serials on Indian television which airs on Sony TV channel and many people are great fans of the fictitious characters in this programme. ACP Pradyuman is the key character of this serial but Dayal and the other team members are also very famous among kids. All of them appear to be the real police officials and play their respective roles in a fantastic way. It is due to this reason why this programme looks so real to the public, leaving a strong impression on their minds and this is the only reason why I consider this programme as my favorite TV show on the TV.
Useful Points for this Speaking Response:
Let us find the approach behind attempting this speaking topic.


At the Beginning
You can begin your cue card saying “I would like to talk about”, “I would like to describe about”, “I usually watch”, “My favoriate TV programme is” etc.
Including Facts
Factual information such as name of programme (CID), television channel (Sony TV), frequency (every weekend), name of characters (ACP Pradyuman, Dayal) etc. are good to be used to answer all the bullet points.


Give detailed information about the TV programme, for example, “It is a crime serial”, “It shows various crime scenes to help the public………….”, “The purpose of telecasting this programme is to educate the people………”, “By watching this programme, people can…………..” etc.
Used Vocabulary:

  • Addicted to
  • Telecasting
  • Considered as
  • One of the top serials
  • Airs on
  • Fictitious characters
  • Fantastic
  • Moreover
  • Leaving strong impression on mind


Other Useful Vocabulary:
Below is a list of vocabulary that may be helpful for this topic:
I watch, I enjoy, documentary, serial, episode, story, programme, selective programme, famous, popular, broadcast, telecast, fascinating, public, common people, actors, smart, talented, creative, lead role, enjoyable, exciting, interesting, enjoyment, fun, entertainment

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