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Recent IELTS Speaking Cue Card Question- June 2017


Cue Card Task Question

Describe a time you waited for someone/ something (special to happen)

You should say:

what you were waiting for?
how you felt?
what you did while waiting?
why you had waiting?

Answer – Cue Card Topic

Having to wait for somebody is a common situation in our daily lives. Today, I would like to share a story where I had to wait for someone

It was my birthday and I had invited friends from my youth group that we have in our Church to a coffee house to celebrate it. We were scheduled to meet there at 8 that evening. I was so eager that I came early. Certainly, none of them were there, but it was easy to understand because I was early. However, I waited for half an hour, but nobody showed up, and then I started to feel uncomfortable and worried. As I was losing my patience, I began to call each of them to ask why they had not come yet. To my surprise, none of them picked up the phone. I was really fed up, as you can imagine, because it was my birthday and my friends had treated me like that.

I waited for a couple more minutes until I couldn't stand it anymore, and decided to leave. As soon as I called the waiter for the bill, I heard the “Happy birthday” song start up in the coffee house. Out of nowhere, all of my friends suddenly appeared with a birthday cake. They hugged me and wished me happy birthday. It was such a surprise. My anger quickly gave way to laughter and we had an unforgettable night chatting until the early hours, drinking coffee and, of course, eating cake.

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