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Recent Exam Question in IELTS Speaking Part 1 (Family)


A student who gave her IELTS speaking exam in this year has reported her questions that she could recall as asked to her by the examiner. Let us practice these questions as below:


What is your name?


My name is Raksha Chanda.


Are you currently working or studying?


I am currently working as software engineer in an MNC based in Gurgaon. It has been around 10 years in this organization and I enjoy my job a lot. My job role is to develop programs in Java which is a popular programming language.


Tell me Something About Your Work Schedule and Job Duties


I work in day shift from 9 am to 7 pm in a multi-national company and my job duties involve working in teams for developing projects in the Java programming language. I design codes also and the developed software programs are then tested for quality issues which are then sold to clients having requirement of such software programs.


Are you Thinking of Changing your Job in the Future?


As said earlier, I enjoy doing my job and I have been working in the same company for around 10 years. I want to work in this organization on a permanent basis as it has become quite a stable job for me now. I have other responsibilities at my home on personal level and hence can’t afford to leave my present job. Furthermore, I am being paid incentives and yearly bonuses for remaining in the present job. Hence, there’s no reason to join another company.


How do you Like to Spend Time with your Family?


I definitely like to spend  a lot of time with my family especially in the weekend. We plan to go for picnic at the holiday resort. We often go for evening walk together. Apart from this, watching movie is quite common in the multiplex cinema since we enjoy being entertained in the theatre along with our kids. Moreover, whenever we get free time, me and my husband like to play indoor games such as chess or carom board.


Whom Among your Family Member are you Most Similar to?


I have 6 six members in my family. Though I have the same characteristics with all of them but I am most similar to my elder sister. In appearance, her face complexion and height are almost the same as that of mine. As far as characteristics are concerned, I am very fond of playing music and she is also like me. We both love to play guitar during family events.


Who is the Most Closest to you in your Family?


Among all, my mother is very close to me. I share everything with her, whether good or bad. She guides me very well and supports me whenever there is a need. Rather, I can say, she is my backbone. If I have become something in my family, it’s all because of my mother. She is very good at judging me. Many a times, I have observed that if I need to ask for something, she comes to know before I ask and then tries to bring it for me.

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