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Process diagram #9: The diagram gives information about the process of making carbonated drinks

Task 01: Process

The diagram gives information about the process of making carbonated drinks.

Sample Answer 1:

The diagram shows the stages involved in the production of soft drink.

Overall, there are 5 stages in the process, beginning with preparing the water for the drinks, and culminating with the packaging and delivery of the finished product.

In the first stage of the process, water is put through a filter before a softener and other chemicals are added to it. Once the water has been processed, it is then pumped on to stage 2 where it undergoes evaporation and carbonation. During this stage, the water is heated and run through a cooling pipe before carbon dioxide is added, creating carbonated water.

In the third stage of the process, the carbonated water is put into a mixing tank where it is mixed with colouring, flavouring, and sweetener. The resulting mixture is then filtered before being packaged into cans and bottles. Finally, once the bottles and cans have been packaged into boxes, they are transported to supermarkets where they are ready to be sold.

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Sample Answer 2:

The diagram provides a breakdown of how carbonated drinks are produced. Overall, the production of carbonated drinks involves raw water undergoing five distinct stages at which the water is cleaned, carbonated, mixed with other ingredients, packaged and eventually delivered to the general public.

The process commences when raw water from households flows in pipes to a device where it is filtered and softened by the use of chemicals. The clean water is thereafter pumped to electric heaters and goes through a cooling pipe to another device where the carbonation process takes place. During this process, carbon dioxide from another pipe is added to the water.

The carbonated water is then sent to a cylindrical tank in which it is mixed with colouring, syrup, and flavours and filtered for the second time before being filled into bottles and cans. At this stage of the process, the finished beverages are packaged into boxes and eventually dispatched to supermarkets.

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