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Possible IELTS Speaking Task 2 and IELTS Speaking Task 3 Questions


IELTS Speaking Skill

IELTS Speaking Task 2

IELTS Speaking Cue Card:
Describe an advertisement that saw recently. Please say:

-What was it about?

-Where and when did you see it?

-What was it about?

-How you felt after watching it? Why?


Advertisements can be seen everywhere – be it print media, digital media or road-side hoardings. Basically the purpose of these ads. Is to increase the sale of the product. Some advertisements are shown in such a manner that they leave a to good impact on the mind of the viewer. One such commercial which I recently saw and liked was related to Idea Internet. I happened to watch this endorsement during the break of my favourite television show.

This commercial was about the easy usage of technology, which is, the internet. Two people were shown in this promotion- a youngster and an old person. Actually the youngster was tech-savvy and used the idea internet with ease. The older person was not adept in the usage of technology and for this reason would try to glance at what the youngster was doing. Obviously, the youngster did not like this.

Once it so happened that the boy missed his bus and the man gave him a lift. While travelling, the old happened to speak with someone on the phone that he might not be able to retain his job because he could not use the internet. Incidentally, the boy overheard this conversation and taught him how easy it was to use the Idea Internet.

Of course I felt very nice after watching this commercial. I actually felt that learning has got nothing to do with age. A person can hone up his skills at any age. Furthermore, it is very important for all to have certain degree of understanding of technology in order to survive in this modern technical era.

Rounding off question:

Are you a tech-savvy person?

Ans. Well, I believe that my knowledge about technology is fairly good.

IELTS Speaking Task 3
Q.1.Are there a lot of advertisements in your country?

Ans. Yes, of course, there are a lot of advertisements in my country. They are there in the print as well as in the digital media.

Q.2 Do you find them helpful? Why?

Ans. Well, sometimes I do find them helpful. They help me to know about different products in the market. In case I have to buy anything, I can make a comparative study beforehand.

Q.3. Why do many people not like these commercials?

Ans. In my opinion, many people do not like commercials because they find them an unnecessary waste of time. Also some of them are misleading and raunchy and cannot be viewed with the family.

Q.4. Do the advertisements target children? Why do you think it is so?

Ans. No doubt, many commercials are made keeping the children in mind. This is because, the children nowadays can influence their parents into buying the product of their choice.

Q.5. Do you think advertisement should be funny? Why?

Ans. The advertisement should be able to convey its message effectively. So for this reason, if it can be done in a funny manner also and made more enjoyable.

Now that you have seen a possible IELTS speaking cue card, what would you your answer? You can write down your answer in the comment section given below.

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