Memory Palace Practice #1: Crystal palace


Try to use the Memory Palace method to tell a story including some of new vocabs below

1. demolish 
2. rival 
3. underpin 
4. ethereal 
5. tweak 
6. wring 
7. spine 
8. swivel 
9. velocity 
10. unobtrusive 
11. saliva 
12. replicate 
13. unveil


Sample answer

Before Chust, there was a crystal palace that was underpinned by diamond, crystal and gold under the sea . It was very magnificent, a place where everyone wanted to see. But it was quite unobtrusive and no one in the world couldn't see it. it could move anywhere with a high velocity equal light velocity without trepidation.

When it was dark, the palace was more beautiful with full of colours and twink as the stars in the sky.

The sea creatures were eerie and mysterious with many different shapes, large and each ones played a very important role to maintain everything under the sea.

Their spines were strong enough to destroy a huge ice block and like a warrior, they can use their power in war.

In the other hand, there were some small the sea creatures, they were small and had nothing, so that was the reason why they could use their saliva to create a safe shelter to stay away the big ones.

There were four princesses who will rule 4 areas : West - East - North - South.

They had an ethereal beauty as angle that other people often said that "human is captivated by them".

One day, The god of the sea was sitting on the swivel chair made of pearls, turned around and unveiled about a secret. He said "The problem is there are 4 people here, but I just need only one to be a king and inherit from my power. I want to see your ability, so show up."

From that day, They became rivals and fought hard for centuries.

The roar of the sea never calm, looked like a monster, cold, full of darkness and wanted to swallow the planet up. Everything went from bad to worse.

Human lived in fear and wrung their hands. They hope one day 4 princesses love each other as before. It would be awesome.

And then, one day four princesses were too tired, exhausted and decided to talk face to face, they exchanged a long glance and recalling the memories when they were a child and had a wonderful moment together.

They realized that they had changed beyond all recognition from inside to outside. Their faces looked cold, sad, frustrated and they started crying as a kid. They cried so much because of their fate. They stopped fighting and picked the eldest sister become the god of the sea.

"After a storm comes a calm" They replicated the palace and tried to get things back the way they were.

(Written by Pisey Hean) - Let's Write Something Group

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