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IELTS Writing Task 2 : In the Future All Cars Buses and Trucks Will Be Driverless

In the future all cars, buses, and trucks will be driverless. The only people travelling inside these vehicles would be passengers.

Do you think the advantages of driverless vehicles outweigh the disadvantages?

Sample Answer 1

Technological advances are leading towards all vehicles becoming automated and not having a driver. I believe the merits of this far exceed the drawbacks.

The main benefit of this phenomenon is the increase in safety. The absence of a driver means that human error can be totally eliminated. More precisely, car accidents will no longer result from a lapse of concentration or poor judgment in the operation of a vehicle. For example, there will no longer be an issue with intoxicated drivers getting behind the wheel and endangering themselves and others on the road.

In addition, it will be more enjoyable for all occupants of a vehicle as no one will have to perform driving duties. People who would have been drivers can now relax during a journey. For instance, they will be able to watch movies or interact with their friends on social media while travelling. Furthermore, the stress of a long drive can be avoided, meaning that they can arrive at the destination in a more relaxed state.

However, there are likely to be cyber-criminals who will attempt to take advantage of this situation. Hackers may seize control of these vehicles and use them for their own nefarious purposes. For example, a hacker could use an automated vehicle as a getaway vehicle or to block traffic in order to evade the police. Even worse, they could hack into police vehicles rendering them useless in a chase.

In conclusion, I believe that the positives of this phenomenon greatly outweigh the negatives. This is because the increase in safety and enjoyment when travelling surpass the threat posed by cyber-criminals.

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Sample Answer 2

In the future, all vehicles will be autonomous. Passengers will be the only people inside them. I believe businesses can cut costs by using driverless cars, and this advantage far outweighs any potential disadvantage.

One downside of self-driving cars is that they would lead to large employment losses. Nowadays, in many countries, a great number of people are making a living by driving, be they truckers, bus drivers, or delivery couriers. Imagine all these people are made redundant by autonomous cars. That would raise the unemployment rates in these countries significantly. However, I think this can be avoided if drivers can reskill to get themselves a job in a new sector.

On the positive side, driverless cars can help businesses reduce operating expenses. This is because, with these cars, they would not need to hire drivers to deliver their products or services to their customers anymore. For example, the American logistics company UPS currently has hundreds of thousands of truck drivers and pays them an average of 60,000 dollars per year, which adds up to tens of billions of dollars annually. Replacing these drivers with autonomous cars would mean that these huge salary payments could be eliminated. I think this would create a major advantage for companies because the money saved on labor could be devoted to improving other aspects of their businesses.

In conclusion, although self-driving vehicles would result in many job losses, I believe this downside is greatly outweighed by the upside that these vehicles could help businesses save operating costs.

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