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IELTS Writing Task 2 : Aging Population

Topic : Aging Population

In many countries, the proportion of older people is steadily increasing. Does this trend have more positive or negative effects on the society?

Sample Answer 1

The phenomenon of an ageing population is gaining ground in developed nations where longevity is lengthened greatly by dint of higher living standards, better health care and serene life. Some people fear that this trend may cause a threat to society in the long run for its cause of young labour resource dearth while others view it as inevitable and see positive effects of this issue. My essay will analyze both the good and bad sides of this problem.

First of all, it is believed that the longer people live, the more they enjoy their lives. After years of diligence and contributions, the idea of taking a comfortable life in the twilight years without the worry of suffering death is wonderful; the senior can read books, write their articles, or pursue their own passion to the fullest extent. However, along with their enjoyment, there are pains as well. The old age is often associated with diseases which deprive the senior minutes of basking themselves in their twilight years, for instance, the attack of insomnia, hypertension, loss of memory and others.

Second of all, from a broader perspective, say, the social viewpoint, the appearance of a dense population of the old is seen as a catalyst for the booming of nursing and healthcare-related industry. With more old people dominating, doctors and other health experts are likely to work their brains to come up with new medicines to treat diseases and enhance the quality of healthcare of the old who, unlike other generation, put their wellbeing on the top of their list. Nevertheless, the opposite truth is the probable danger of a huge waste of money poured into welfare, which might drive the government crazy while they are already exhausted with so many responsibilities. Besides, despite the existence of high-skilled products made by the seniors who have a wealth of experience and knowledge, the society is in a dire shortage of the young who have a bigger say over the economic destiny of a nation. Third of all, it is thought that in accompany with the presence of the old is the possibility of the preservation of well-valued traditional norms. It is reasonable to argue that the old who often hold back on the past value tend to put a high emphasis on the sustenance of the old day beauty. By contrast, the counter-argument is that as a result of so-called conservatism normally noticed in the old, the society will be in lack of new ideas and ideals that are conducive to a dynamic and open economy. In a word, society would undergo gains and pains when this trend prevails.

All in all, an ageing population is an acknowledged trend, having positive and negative impacts on each individual and society as a whole.

Sample Answer 2

Discussion about the effects of an aging population has become topical in many countries, including my own, in recent years. Many people are concerned about the relative increase in the number of people who have retired and therefore have to be supported by a relatively smaller number of working people. I think that this trend has both positive and negative effects on society.

The main negative effect is that supporting retired people, either through direct financial support from children or through the tax and benefits system, will become more expensive. This means that either through workers paying more or by finding more workers. In Europe, the trend is towards importing workers from other countries. This has led to heated debates about whether the immigrants can, or even should, integrate fully into European society. Some people believe that allowing mass immigration will undermine the values of the host country, whereas others believe that having a variety of cultures aids social development. Japan has decided to import workers but has also invested a lot of money in developing robots that can take over basic jobs done by humans. This, they hope, will reduce their reliance on foreign workers and avoid any cultural problems.

There are also advantages to having an older population, and these are often overlooked. Older people in developed countries where the proportion of the retired population is increasing fastest are generally healthier than ever. This means that one way of increasing the number of workers and reducing the costs of having a large retired population is to increase the retirement age. A recent report in Britain suggested that the retirement age for men be increased from 65 to 68. One result might be more respect for older workers, who are also more experienced, particularly in dealing with people. Another way of increasing the workforce is to get more women into full-time employment. Most British women work, but less than half work full-time. Using this resource would increase the status of women in society.

In conclusion, an aging population can have both positive and negative effects on society, largely depending on how we react to it.

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