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IELTS Vocabulary: weekly review

 Have you noted down the following good vocabulary from this week's lessons?

  • should do the trick (informal) = should be enough
  • resist the urge to
  • ramble on (informal) = say too much
  • dive right in (informal) = go straight to
  • with the sole aim of
  • maximising profit
  • a wider role to play in society
  • treat employees well, rather than exploiting them
  • pay a "living wage"
  • ensure that they have a good quality of life
  • use a proportion of their profits
  • support local charities
  • environmental projects
  • education initiatives
  • minimise tax payments
  • accounting loopholes
  • contribute to society
  • in the world as a whole
  • accounts for the vast majority of
  • they've used up their energy
  • leave a good impression on someone

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