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IELTS Vocabulary: topic list

 Note: I'm reposting this list of topics because it was difficult to find amongst my older lessons.

Look through the following list of common IELTS topics. Do you have opinions about them? Could you discuss them in an essay or in a conversation?

  1. Advertising
  2. Animal Rights: testing on animals, vegetarianism, zoos
  3. Cities: urbanisation, problems of city life
  4. Crime: police, punishments/prisons, rehabilitation, capital punishment
  5. Education: studying abroad, technology in education, education in developing countries, higher education, home-schooling, bad behaviour, corporal punishment, single sex education, streaming (grouping children according to ability)
  6. Environment: global warming, impact of humans on the environment, solutions to environment problems, waste/rubbish, litter, recycling, nuclear power
  7. Family: family size, working parents, negative effects on children, divorce, care for old people
  8. Gender: gender and education, gender and work, women’s and men’s role in the family
  9. Genetic Engineering: positives, negatives, genetically modified foods
  10. Global Issues: problems in developing countries, how to help developing countries, immigration, multi-cultural societies, globalisation
  11. Government and Society: what governments can do, public services, censorship, video cameras in public places
  12. Guns and Weapons: gun ownership and possession, police and guns, nuclear weapons, armed forces
  13. Health: diet, exercise, state health systems, private healthcare, alternative medicine, stress
  14. Housing and Architecture: state housing, old buildings, modern/green buildings
  15. International Language: English as an international language
  16. Money: money and society, consumerism
  17. Personal Development: happiness, success, nature or nurture
  18. Sport and Leisure: professional/competitive sport, sport salaries, sport and politics
  19. Tourism: positives, negative effects on environment, future of tourism
  20. Traditions and Modern Life: losing traditional skills, traditional customs
  21. Transport: traffic problems and solutions, public transport, road safety
  22. Television, Internet and Mobile Phones: positives and negatives, Internet compared to newspapers and books
  23. Water: importance of clean water, water supply, water should be free, bottled water
  24. Work: same job for life, self-employment, unemployment, work/life balance, technology and work, child labour

This is the topic list that I work with when preparing lessons, and it's the basis of my ebook. It's a good idea to print this list and try to work through it.

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