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IELTS Speaking: verb tenses and vocabulary

In yesterday's lesson I asked you to find examples of verb tenses and good vocabulary in my sample answer about a film that I would like to see.

Here are examples of different verb tenses that I used:

  • Future with 'going to': it’s going to be called Spectre
  • Future with 'will': I don’t know exactly what it will be about
  • Present simple for the future: when it comes out later this year
  • Present simple: I think Spectre refers to...
  • Present perfect (active): I've seen the official trailer
  • Present perfect (passive): hasn't been released yet
  • Past simple: I saw in the news
  • Past continuous: when I was watching the news

Here are some examples of 'band 7-9' vocabulary:

  • when it comes out (meaning: when it is released)
  • refers to the name of
  • the imaginary criminal organisation
  • hasn’t been released yet
  • on a mission to save the world
  • an arch-criminal
  • a plot line involving lots of twists and turns
  • to defeat his nemesis
  • the official trailer
  • cast to play supporting roles
  • James Bond films are always big news
  • action scenes and special effects
  • take place in spectacular locations
  • unrealistic, you could even say ridiculous
  • like a roller-coaster ride

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