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IELTS Speaking tips- How to Use Connectors


Connectors help in improving the quality of sentence structure while creating complex sentences.Also, it helps connect one thought to the other. Thus, giving the conversation a logical sequence.


IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1

Useful vocabulary for expressing your opinion

a. For stating a direct opinion

  • In my opinion …
  • From my point of view …
  • As far as I’m concerned…
  • I believe that…

For Example,

  1. Is science a popular subject at your university?

Answer. Very Popular, I believe that there are about 400 students studying science at King’s and in addition, many parents want that their children should study science as it carries a lot of job assurance after finishing the course.


  1. Do you enjoy studying it?

Answer. Science is vast. In my opinion, it is interesting because you can relate it with you and your daily life. The section of Biology interests me the most.


b. Vocabulary for expressing agreement:

  • I quite agree that….
  • I could not agree more…..
  • You’re absolutely right
  • I am in agreement…..
  • I completely agree that…..
  • Yes, I agree….
  • I strongly agree that…..
  • I totally agree with the given idea that…..
  • Exactly….
  • I am quite inclined to the opinion that…..
  • I agree with the opinion that…
  • So do I….
  • I concur with the group who believe that…..
  • I accept that…..
  • That’s true…
  • I accept the fact that…..
  • I consent that…..
  • Neither do I…..
  • I approve the idea of…..

For Example,

  1. Do many people visit your hometown?

Answer. Tourists visit to see some of the old monuments but not much. The main reason behind this is the lack of development and in fact, very less number of people knows about the place. I quite agree that it’s not one of the famous places but still worth visiting as it unfolds the beauty of history.


  1. How has your hometown changed over the years?

Answer. Since I was a child the town has almost doubled in size and population but I accept that the people’s attitude towards life has not changed which has lead to the lack of improvement in the city.


c. Vocabulary for expressing disagreement:

  • I strongly disagree that…..
  • I disagree with the opinion that….
  • My own opinion contradicts with…..
  • I disagree with the statement of…..
  • I totally disagree with the given idea that…..
  • However, my opinion is different from…..
  • I quite oppose the opinion of…..
  • I completely disagree with…..
  • It’s unjustifiable to say that……
  • I disagree with the group of people who believe that…..
  • I disapprove that…..
  • On the contrary……
  • I totally do not accept the fact that…..

For example,

  1. Have you ever bought clothes online?

Answer. No because I don’t trust these websites and I quite oppose the opinion of the society that online shopping can replace the traditional way of purchasing.


  1. Do people from your country think fashion is important?

Answer. Yes and more now. I have noticed that people follow trends blindly and don’t even care whether a particular outfit is looking good on them or not. But I strongly disagree that fashion is more important than comfort.


d. Vocabulary for expressing partial agreement:

  • To some extent…..
  • More or less…..
  • In a way…..
  • So to speak…..
  • Up to a point I agree…..
  • I agree to the given statement to some extent…..

For example,

  1. How important is internet to you?

Answer. Not much important as I am not working. In a way, I use it to do some search for my children’s homework.


  1. Do you use apps?

Answer. Not actually, But it becomes very difficult to avoid it as life is moving towards digital world. So to speak, I use it sometimes for booking a taxi or ordering grocery.


e. Vocabulary for presenting time or sequence:

  • Last/ Lastly…..
  • First/ Firstly…..
  • Second/ Secondly…..
  • Third/ Thirdly…..
  • At the same time…..
  • Meanwhile…..
  • Then…..
  • Since…..
  • As soon as…..
  • After this / that…..
  • When……
  • Before…..
  • After…..
  • Afterwards …..
  • During…..
  • While…..
  • Following this…..
  • Simultaneously…..

For example,

  1. Do you like watching television?

Answer. Yes, I love watching movies on television and during breaks I try to finish my home chores.


  1. What was your favourite show when you were a child? 

Answer. Since I was a child, I was attracted to cartoons and loved watching Tom and Jerry.


Useful vocabulary for each part

a. For introduction

  • Certainly…..
  • Definitely…..
  • Doubtlessly…..
  • Undoubtedly…..
  • Without any doubt…..
  • No doubt…..
  • Of course….

For example

  1. Do you like playing sports?

Answer. Of course, I love playing cricket.


  1. Do you have a healthy diet?

Answer. Yes, I am very conscious of what am I eating. Without any doubt, I follow my diet plan made by my dietician.


b. For body paragraphs when adding more information to support your opinion

  • And…..
  • However…
  • Moreover…..
  • Furthermore…..
  • In addition…..
  • Also…..
  • Similarly…..
  • In a similar fashion…..
  • Likewise…..
  • Though…
  • Although..
  • As long as…
  • Even…..
  • Too….
  • Besides…..
  • As well as….
  • What’s more…..
  • Again….

For example,

  1. How many hours do you spend reading?

Answer. I usually read before sleeping in the night. Besides this, I like reading while travelling.


  1. Do you think it’s important to be punctual?

Answer. Yes, it’s very important to be on time in life as it is one of the basic manners. Moreover, I don’t like to keep people waiting.


c. For conclusion

  • All in all
  • Last/ Lastly…..
  • In the end
  • To sum up
  • To conclude
  • In conclusion
  • To summarize
  • In summary
  • Summarizing it
  • We can end it by
  • We can conclude by…

For example,

  1. Is there anything you would like to change about your flat?

Answer. I would love to have a big balcony where I can put some chairs and sit in the evening while having tea. Lastly, I would like to decorate it with plants.


  1. Is it important for children to play sports?

Answer. Definitely, sports not only keep them healthy but also inculcate discipline in life. It makes their mind constructive and gives them a routine in their day to day activities. In the end, I would also say that sports build up confidence and make them hard working.


IELTS Speaking sample part 2


            Describe a holiday you enjoyed. You should say

           When and where you went

          Who you went with

          What you did on the holiday

         And explain why you found this particularly holiday enjoyable.

 Model Answer:

During the month of April 2014, I visited Phuket in Thailand with my family. It was a planned holiday and I was very excited about the trip. The flight was of around 5 hours and my son enjoyed a lot as it was his first flight. Moreover, Thailand was always one of my dream destination. The capital city of Thailand is Bangkok and it is located in the centre of the country. We took another flight from Bangkok and finally reached Phuket.

Phuket is full of beaches and they are extremely beautiful. The sand is white and the water is clear. Next day we went to Phi Phi island where we took a motorboat on rent and after reaching in the middle of the sea, we did snorkelling. It was a memorable experience and it is difficult for me to put it into words. It seemed like there is another world that exits under water. I would love to go again and enjoy the waves of sea. In my opinion, Thailand is undoubtedly a worth visiting destination.


IELTS Speaking sample part 3

The examiner will now discuss one or two more general questions related to the same topic.


Question1. Why do people go on holiday?

Answer. I believe that people go on holidays to energize themselves.


Question2. How important is it for families to go on holiday together?

Answer. In my opinion, it is very significant as it strengthens the bond.


Question3. Is it better to take a holiday in your own country or in a foreign country? Why?

Answer.  Firstly, I would say that enjoying a trip is more important than the location. Although, I would also say that location preference may differ according to the group of people you are going with. Like if you are going with your friends then you may want to explore the place to the fullest so a foreign country may be better but if you are going with your family then having fun is the ultimate motive of your vacation. All in all, location hardly matters.


Which part you find the easiest in using connectors?

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