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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Topic Friend


Topic: Friend

1. What kind of people do you like to make friends with? / What do you think make good friends?

→ Honestly speaking, I would say those who take responsibility for their actions would make great friends because they must be very trustworthy . On the other hand, I would never, not even in a million years , be friends with a stingy person.

2. Do you think you are a good friend for others?

→ Like everyone else, I do make mistakes once in a while but I believe that I have tried my best to be a supportive and trustworthy friend who they can always confide in .

3. Do you have any far friends? How close are you to them? /Why are they close to you?

→ I have a few friends who are studying and working abroad. We try to catch up with each other once in a while but it isn’t easy. We used to be much closer but now we are slowly growing apart .

4. Have you ever contacted your friends from primary school?/ How important childhood friends are?

→ Honestly the thought of reaching out to my childhood friends never occurs to me. Simply because I think we no longer share any similar interest. To me, childhood friends are like good old memories that we look back on occasionally.

5. What is the most important thing about friendship?

→ For me, it would be trust because without trust, there will be no friendship. As friends, we must always have each other’s back, even in the toughest time . It is hard for people to go back to being friends again once losing trust in each other.

6. Which do you think would be more important at school: friends or teachers?

→ Well, having great teachers can provide one with good learning experience and influence, while friends are those who stay through thick and thin and create valuable memories together with you. I would say both are inseparable parts of a student’s study at school.

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