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IELTS Reading: problems with Cambridge 14 answers

A few people have asked me about the answers given at the back of Cambridge 14. It seems that some alternative answers have not been listed.

For example, a student called Haley asked me about the following questions, from test 1 in Cambridge IELTS 14 (General Training):

Q19. What do visitors need to show when parking?
I answered 'prearranged permits' but the answer key says 'permits'

Q20. Where can the nursery pick-up point be found?
I answered 'outside Concorde Building' but the answer key says 'Concorde Building'

Q27. What are Sure Smart Maternity Payments?
I answered 'individual grants' but the answer key says 'grants'

Would Haley's answers be correct? The answer is yes - all three answers are perfectly fine. The words 'prearranged', 'outside' and 'individual' are not necessary, but they certainly don't make the answers wrong.

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