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IELTS Reading: easy 'General Reading' example

I tell my students to do both academic and general reading practice tests. The general reading tests are easier, but this allows you to work on your exam technique without having such long passages to worry about.

Here's part of a general reading exercise from Cambridge IELTS 14.

Relevant part of the passage:

Transition care is provided in your own home or in a ‘live-in’ setting. This setting can be part of an existing aged-care home or health facility such as a separate wing of a hospital.

If you’re already receiving subsidised residential care in an aged-care home, but you need to go somewhere else for transition care, your place in the aged-care home will be held until you return.

Are the following statements true, false or not given?

  1. Transition care at home is only available for patients who live alone.
  2. Transition care may be given on a hospital site.
  3. You may lose your place in a care home if you have to leave it to receive transition care.

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