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IELTS Grammar: verb + noun collocations

 When deciding whether to give a band 7 in IELTS speaking or writing, one of the things that examiners look at is your use of collocations.

'Collocation' basically means using the right words together. Many students know a lot of nouns, but they don't always know the right verbs to use with those nouns.

Here are some useful 'verb + noun' collocations:

  • to make a mistake (not 'do' a mistake)
  • to do/carry out/conduct research (not 'make' research, not 'a' research)
  • to make/take/reach a decision
  • to have/gain/lack experience
  • to have/face/experience difficulties

Think about this, especially when you are writing essays. Check in a dictionary to make sure you have used the right verb with the right noun.

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