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IELTS Grammar: corrected (simplified) sentences

 Here are my suggestions for correct, simplified versions of the sentences in yesterday's lesson:

  1. People who live in cities face various problems.
  2. The problems that urban inhabitants face include a high cost of living, social problems, and poor air quality.
  3. People who live in cities face various problems.
  4. People who live in urban areas face various challenges.
  5. City life is much more challenging than many people are led to believe.


  • Sentences 1 and 3 were trying to communicate the same simple idea, so I used the same easy sentence for both.
  • Notice that I removed the words 'dwelling' and 'denizen'. Don't try to show off with difficult words in your introduction.
  • Notice how the verb 'face' is used: A face(s) B. For example: people face problems.

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