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IELTS Grammar and Vocabulary: from last week

 Here are my correct versions of the sentences in Thursday's lesson:

  1. In 1985, Canada exported about 19 million tonnes of wheat.
  2. The figure for Australia was lower, at 15 million tonnes.
  3. In 1988, the amount of wheat exported by Canada increased by about 5 million tonnes.

And here are some good phrases from last week's General Writing letter:

  • the proposed closure
  • stress how important something is
  • on a daily basis
  • which they enjoy immensely
  • an integral part of the local community
  • a social hub in the town
  • lose a treasured facility
  • within a reasonable distance
  • have a detrimental effect on
  • quality of life
  • take these concerns into consideration

Note: The phrases above are not only useful for GT task 1. You might be able to use them in writing task 2 or in the speaking test.

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